350th celebration

Hello All,

I saw in the paper of 10/02/10 an article about the 350th celebration products arriving. So I took the time to read it and even thought about being one of the 26 people to join the “club”. Or at least making a donation of some amount.
Last night I was attending a small get together of about 20-25 folks and this subject came up in conversation. Different feelings about upcoming use of the collected money was a hot topic. Some saw the use of the money for strictly frivolous entertainment purposes as just that, frivolous.
In this economy that we are now enduring, it was bandied about as to wether it would be a much better use of the funds if they were directed toward some lasting, and really needed use. How about if we make the whole idea of the 350th semiseptcentennial celebration an opportunity to do something that really needs doing within the Towns infrastructure?
Like what you may ask? How about getting a new roof on the Fire Barn before all that very expensive and needed equipment inside is subjected to the vagaries of the weather?
How about rebuilding the old Mill Pond Bridge before someone drops out of sight through it? We could even name it the 350th Memorial Bridge or some such.
Even the total rehabilitation of the Fred Benson Beach House might fall in this pervue. I understand it is in pretty rough shape as only temporary and rudimentary fixes have been the norm for the last few years.
If the committee thinks they can raise $25-50K for musical entertainment which is at best, a fleeting memory in a few days, why not go all out and go for the big bucks it would take to get the job, whichever venue is selected, DONE?
I have a feeling that contributions to a lasting, visible, and much needed repairs of infrastructure, will come in larger denominations than for a little instant gratification. Something we all need to be weened off of!

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Old NFO said...

Gotta agree Ev, a 'lasting' tribute would (in my opinion) be much better!