Flag Etiquette, or lack thereof!

Every day for the last week or so as I have gone by the Town Hall, I've noticed something that really gets me up tight!
It is the fact that our United States of America Flag is being flown at the yardarm level at the outside position.

It is a wonder too me, that if there is a problem with the halyard or the pulley on the main pole, just why the hell doesn't SOMEONE (Town Manager?) call the Chief of the Fire Department and ask them to bring over the ladder truck and a new piece of line and get the damned thing fixed!

It is an unintentional desecration of our main artifact of national unity and pride I'm sure. Two or three times I've started to go in and raise the question of why it was being flown as such, But my well known propensity for flying off the handle would probably result in a visit by the local constabulary.

So I am doing it this way. If anyone reads this, why feel free to enter the halls of ineptitude and beard those lions in their den! TIFN

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Old NFO said...

Pretty pathetic Ev, if they are not even willing to fly the flag correctly...