Well at least nine of the crooks in the State House got the boot yesterday! Not crooks you say? Just honest folks trying to do their best? Bullschuies!! Err, Jewish word mis-spelled means S*** There has been a one party system in this State for the last 50 years and they ALL had a hand in perpetuating it.

Well now all we have to hope for is that the ones selected in the primary, will do what they say and put us back on the path to a viable place to live and raise kids and families. All the free entitlements lavished on certain groups of people and paid for by the people who actually work has to stop!

Education Reform? Throw out all the so-called experts and go back to the basics IN ALL AREAS! Not just reading writing and 'rithmetic, but HISTORY for a start. shit-can all the books in use that have the revisionist versions of what really happened in history. I just spent part of the Summer reading three of the books used in the BI school. They are, Triumph of the American Nation;Harcourt,Brace,Jovanovich, for American History. For World History; People and Nations by Holt, Rinehart,and Winston, and for Civics; American Civics, by Holt, Rinehart,Winston.

These three books have minor problems with the recounting of actual happenings but are probably the least "revised" all the texts out there. I would attribute their selection and use in our School to the over-riding integrity and astuteness of the history teacher for the last 20 years, Mr. Bill Young.

But they all have areas where the "feel good" stuff perpetrated by the left still comes to the fore.
I am wondering if BI is going to fall in line with a lot of other school districts in the US and declare that from now on we will have multiple Valedictorians per each year! This, so that those students NOT selected won't feel so bad!

No one will have to compete against anyone else because, "we are all EQUAL"! What a crock! Is that what is going to happen when they finish 12 yrs. of school and then 4 years of college only to find out that they are NOT all equal when they go looking for a job? Happening right now! Ask a recent grad just high up the chain of command, or more appropriately, the FOOD CHAIN he is starting his working career. Uh, second towel man at the local car wash?

Well finally, after 30-40 years of the, "Dr. Feel Good People", Maybe we will finally go back to what really works and is truly in touch with reality. Yeah! Good luck with that! TIFN


Old NFO said...

Ev, there are going to be some kids getting a RUDE awakening, as LIFE is not fair...

Sam said...

Hey there Everett, I was just thinking about you. You can feel free to blame the Texas Education Board for dumbing down a lot of those school books by the way, since it is a huge market ... only California is starting to do something different. But gosh, the Texas Education Board is about as radical-right as one could get; it's just that they are not experts by any means.

And yes sir, we've talked about how the younger generation is going to have one heck of a hard time.

But ya know, my dad said the same thing about us kids - 6 of them. We toughed it out!

Good to see you back at it, and I hope your garden did OK this summer. -sam

Everett said...

I keep trying to think of anything to post about EXCEPT the friggin political crap that keeps jumping in my face. SIGH.

Well Sammy, the old garden did really good this year and I have a cellar full of home canned food, jellies, jams, preserves, more pickles than you or I can count, commercial canned stuff, squash's, turnips, etc, flour,sugar,salt, beans, bullets, bombs,rifles, pistols an Abrams tank and a P-51 to take care of any aerial incursions by the raggy headed folks! See! I'm still at it!! And I'm all set for now