Revisiting Mr. Terry Mooney

Well I received a letter in the mail today as I am sure a lot of other folks on BI did from Terry. It was a most welcome piece of correspondence. He gives a very good account of how he first became acquainted with BI, and of his activities over the intervening years. I would even go so far as to say that they were in the words of some people, me included, "Impeccable"! Jeez, another Vet!

So how do I reconcile my being a life long Elephant supporter with the idea of voting for a Donk for the first time since Kennedy? Well for the first time in a long time I like to believe that someone is really going to actually DO something about the problems of this town.

The first and foremost thing for the new First Warden to undertake, would be to actually practice that old political saw called, "Fiscal Responsibility" We hear about it all the time but we keep right on pissing money down the drain for crap we don't NEED or WANT.

As an example, we were told recently that we would NEED to hire engineers and "experts"to tell us how to "take care" of the Spring House pump house! Three or four guys with a long chain and a bulldozer and a match could do the job nicely in about two hours! OHH Heresy!!! How did this edifice that houses a water pump that has been defunct for 40 years or more, become a Historical Artifact? Has anybody famous or historical ever spent the night there? Maybe Bill and Monica under the pump housing platform? This is just another of the elitists cry for attention. Damn, it is just another of a thousand buildings on this Island that has had it's day in the sun and it is time for it to go.

Err, sorry about that! Couldn't resist. Anyway Terry, after you get elected keep on pursuing that elusive goal. Although I don't think it is all that out of reach now. Remember when the whole Fiscal Dept. was housed in the BIG? Remember when you could go there and get any information you needed in 4-5 minutes? Remember when the budget balanced and the people of the town could find out where every red cent had been spent? Then remember when it all went to hell and moved to the Town Hall?

The bullet points on the reverse of the letter refer to some of the more egregious ploys that have been "perped" (yeah I know that is not a word, but I like it) on the folks of this little burg. Actual honesty and aboveboard actions seem to have taken a long holiday here on BI!

So yeah, I am actually going to vote for a, ah, ah, ah, oh what the hell, a DONK! And I don't use that term in a perjorative manner. And yes I AM going to make a donation to the cause, Check is in the mail Terry! TIFN


Old NFO said...

Ev- In this day and age, you've got to do what is right, regardless of party...

Sam said...

Gosh I did write a letter to the BI Times wanting to try to keep the old pump house, perhaps for selfish and personal reasons and sentiment ... but you're not supposed to bankrupt the town in the process!

Dodge said...

I agree, he has stepped up in the batter’s box. In a world where people are here for themselves, we are reminded that there are a few people wanting to really help. I empower anybody out there to really listen to him. His letter was encouraging. He is not an islander, but he grew up here(summers) at a young at and has just as much at stake as the rest of us. He understands what is needed to fix it!!!!!!!!! I think he looks like a young Clark Gable. Handsome and charming!!!!Remember, there are needs and wants out there. We want things that have no value in our lives. We need things fixed now!