A Letter to the Editor from a disgruntled letter recipient.

A letter appeared in the BIT friday referring to the letter they received from Mr. Mooney. The writer was decrying the use of a few words, and his use of "divisive politics" to describe what has been going on in the Town Hall among it's elected denizens and other assorted hangers on. I will copy Mr. Mooney's comment, and then the response to it by the letter writer. To wit:

HE SAID: The recent attempt to reinterpret jack Gray's donative intent with regard to West Beach Road is self serving and a serious violation of the public trust.

SHE SAID: Can't we do better than calling political opponents "self serving"?

I SAID: What other words would you use to name an action that will be, in the end, a total detriment to the general population of the Island?

HE SAID: Referring to the West Beach Road residents as "greedy" because they objected to a wind turbine in their backyard is reprehensible.

SHE SAID: Can't we do better than calling political opponents, "reprehensible"?

I SAID: "Reprehensible," seems to me to be the perfect word to describe the mindset of the person or persons who uttered the word "greedy" in reference to those homeowners! How about despicable?, nefarious?, vile? I think disgraceful fits that person to a tee! Hmmm, wonder who it was?

HE SAID: Alleging that a relative of Jack Gray's companion in later life, constituted a "legal heir" who had no objection to altering Jack's intent is absolutely sinister!

SHE SAID: Can't we do better than calling political opponents, "sinister"?

I SAID: SHould we have called such a ploy, oh lets see, "heartening?, maybe propitious?, no? how about benevolent and honorable? It couldn't possibly be anything perfidious! I call it Absolute Bullshit!

I just find it SO HARD to believe that any elected official of this town would have the gall to go behind the back, and dead body of a land donor in order to circumvent his wishes. Yeah right!

Well I guess the "sinister" members of the council, ---that would be those of the "left" persuasion (err, in case you didn't know it, the word "left" comes from the Latin "sinistre". Not sure of the spelling but close, Fits perfectly now doesn't it.)--- figure they are continuing the work of looking out for all we "little people", tea baggers, right wing crazies by "doing what is right for we unthinking clods"!!!


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Robert said...

Well Everett, I think it's about time YOU sent this blog piece at a letter to the editor. Just clean it up a bit and it will be perfect. I totally agree with you on this. Terry has got my vote. He's probably the smartest individual we have ever had run for first warden.