Weasel Boy strikes again!!

Well the Dishonorable Senator Sheldon Whitehouse showed his true colors again, while being interviewed on a local TV station today.

How did he do it this time? It seems that in accordance with the dictates of his Goon in Chief obama, he just could not make himself say anything bad about the location of the new mosque in NYC!

He wishy washed his way around the whole question and the only thing he would commit himself too, was that the people of that fair city should be, "The only ones to make that decision". What a pussy! How about all the folks from all over this country and a few foreign ones who had relatives and friends die in the attack by those cowardly, chicken sh** muslims on 9/11?

Nope, thats our boy with NO COHONES in his makeup. Or his wardrobe. Dast I say "his pants"?

How you go Shel, always be true to your progressive, liberal elite,socialistic, communistic origins!

You, obama, ried, pelosi, frank, dodd, The Gang of Six misfits! GOD help us all! TIFN


Old NFO said...

Party line, party line, party line... Screw the people, party line... That seems like all the Dems know.

Sam said...

What the heck are you getting so upset about? Where a mosque would be located in NYC should be a matter of local zoning and permitting, subject to at least one public hearing. End of story.

Sheldon didn't have any reason to comment on that, and was way out of line to interfere in a local matter for lower Manhattan island.

Now I wonder why you, a Rhode Island resident, are so worked up about something that does not concern you.

I now you hate Muslims, which is a shame because 90 percent are perfectly fine people, but hatred is not going to solve a damn thing.

And why the gay man-talk about nuts, nads, and cajones? We are not at war with the Muslims, just a few of the extremists!

Gawd Everette, slow down before you give yourself a heart attack or stroke. It's just not worth it. Tend to your plants and mind your own peace. You have plenty to worry about on Block Island.

And from what I've heard, Block Island has a major problem with simple things like electricity, schools, the budget, the harbors, the continual erosion, massive crowds during a few peak summer days, and nasty local politics.

And now ... the crowds will be gone and us locals used to moon the parade of boats when they leave. You ain't left with shit after that except some small change.

And you want to jump on some legislative dork about some goddam proposed mosque in lower Manhattan?

Come on Ev, I hate all them retards who think they are running our states and our country, and what they do and why they do it. There are very few true statesmen and that applies to the GOP as well.

Show me a real statesman from the right that you like, if you can find one.


Everett said...

Hi Sam, Could it just possibly be that I knew some of the folks that got killed that day? Could it be? See any reason now why I should be pissed that they want to poke a finger in our eye again by putting the mosque where it is to go? Is there not another location in the whole friggin' city where they could put it?

No Sam I don't hate ALL Muslims, just the ones who would do harm to this country either by direct attack or by facilitating those attacks by refusing to condemn them as all the oh so PC, "moderate" muslims do! If you DO NOT SPEAK OF YOUR DISAGREEMENT WITH THEIR IDEALS, well you must by default be in accord with those beliefs. No if's, and's, or but's!

Gay Man-talk?? What the hell is that? All I said is the man has no BALLS, plain and simple! No "gay "shit involved!

"We are not at war with the Muslims"? Ever read the Koran? There are multitudes of cases in it where they say they are in a virtual war with us and that we must be killed for a host of reasons! The PRIMARY ONE being that we are non-believers!! That is ALL the justification they need to kill us either one by one or by the thousands! I can't believe that SPI is that disconnected from the rest of the world that someone somewhere has not brought those FACTS to your attention.

"Slow down before I give myself a heart attack, IT is just not worth it"? What is not just worth it? Worrying about the slippery slope this country is sliding down because of the 40 year slide towards Socialism/communisum that the left has embarked us on? Well I didn't devote 20 years of my life defending this Constitution of "OURS" just to sit back on my ass and let it be abrogated by a no good bastard like Obama and all of his scurrilous scumbag brethren!

Yeah we have problems here on BI. Electricity? Yeah it is expensive and will get worse even after the gigantic Mills are in place.

Schools? Bet your ass we got problems with them, as they no longer require any sort of mental exertion thanks very much to the lefties again, for all the self esteem, no competition, pass the kids along at all costs, give 'em an "A" for effort even though they didn't comprehend what the hell the A was for or how they got it, type of education that has been foist upon our kids for the last 40 years. It is called "creeping and stealth socialism" by those who study and write about such things.

The budget? No worse than some and way better than most is this state!

Harbors? They pay their own way for the most part until the Town Manager takes the money and spends it on other shit!

The continual erosion? You figure out how to effectively stop that and we will refer to you as Father Earth!
We are a tourist oriented community just like you and that is not going to change anytime soon. Or at least not until the obamaloids strip the money out of EVERYONES pockets to pay off the XXXX trillions of debt he has piled on us to pay for all his ill conceived programs.

Nasty politics? Who the hell told you THAT fairy tale? The discourse here on this Island is beyond the pale in civility!! We are SO AFRAID to hurt someones feelings by calling them out as they need to be!!

And yes I jumped on Sheldon Dork, because he IS what I said he is! A go-along to get-along, kiss ass pussy!!

Have a good holiday weekend dude! We are about to get a nice little southwest blow by Friday. Peace and Love and all that other stuff. TIFN