"Those" Town Consultants!

Has anyone out there ever heard of an outfit called Information Systems Technologies, Inc.? They are the people hired by the town to assess and recommend upgrades to the Finance Departments computer networking system if needed. The operative words there being, "if needed"! There are pages of techincal gibberish and jargon used in the preparation of the bill to justify the size of it! Things like, delivery and discussion, preparation and planning, assistance and application, participation and planning again. There is a lot of "planning" going on in the propasal. A total of 51 hours was needed to do all this stuff which was probably already on a hard drive in their computer somewhere. They used to work for Middletown in the same capacity but have since been let go. I wonder why that is? This all came to the tune of approx. $6400! Now the total cost of the software used came to the grand sum of $225.88, plus the freight of$15.95 Must have big one big assed and heavy CD! Since that time there has been bill after bill presented to the town for all the supposed "stuff" listed above that comes to a total of $174,160.75! Does anybody but me feel the shaft, oh so gently and surreptitiously being slid home? Who the hell is overseeing this farce? Is anybody watching the store here? How about if we demand an item by item, and a credible explanation, of each of those items listed above? There is obviously some clandestine things happening here, and the bright light of exposure needs to be shined directly, right on the perpetrators of the whole sordid mess! How about if a nice lucid and honest evaluation were to appear in either this forum or at least, the BI Times?
The credibility of the Town Hall and its inhabitants is going to be coming under close scrutinity in the coming weeks about this disaster. So strike first ye denizens of said abode, and enlighten we people who donate our money to your care!!


Anonymous said...

Everett please don't lump all of the Town Hall inhabitants into one. Many of the lowly inhabitants want to know what exactly do those consultants do.

Everett said...

I certainly had no intention of lumping all the folks in the town hall into one homogenous group. I guess I was directing my questions etc. to the people who know what the deal is, and that they would do the responsible thing and respond to the concerns of the taxpayers. I know very well that the people on the lower rungs of the totem pole cannot be held responsible for shoddy management practices emenating from above. Sorry all you of the lesser paygrades! TIFN Everett

Anonymous said...

Thanks Everett. We have been waiting for years to have some of the things that have been "swept under the rug" to come out. The public should really know how their money is being spent.

Anonymous said...

It is just as scary as the town manager refusing to answer a town council member's question about a financial inconsistency at an open meeting of the town council

Anonymous said...

Information System Technologies has quite a track record in Rhode Island. A search through the archives of the Newport Daily News found 4 articles regarding issues in Middletown. Seems like they charged well over a million dollars over several years for services to a town that has very little to show for that huge expenditure. So naturally, New Shoreham wants to hire the finest...If they change a lot of money they must be good, right? The town is incapable of good judgement...As an entity it is hopelessly incompetent, which is not to say there are not competent people working for the town. The management stinks.

Here is another great idea! The town should be involved along with Cliff in providing wireless internet access. Who would know more about being an ISP than these people? They don;t even understand the concepts. People want internet access that is speedy and reliable. How would this ISP provide the actual internet access through their 802.11 WIFI network? They would have to buy access from an internet service provider. Even if they did pull off setting up the WIFI network at great expense with lots of consultants, what makes them think people would pay for this service? There are cities who provided it free as an economic development gambit and had to discontinue do to lack of interest. See http://http://ct.enews.eweek.com/rd/cts?d=186-2210-5-92-184458-250866-0-0-0-1
So once again the town management and the corrupt little cartel that controls the town outsmart themselves and continue to insult the intelligence of the taxpayers, no less wasting money on bullshit.