R/C Aircraft

Is there anyone out there that is interested in flying radio controlled model aircraft besides me? When they get the new gym finished, if ever, I'm going to go put in my request to put on a demonstration of said aircraft. The ones used inside a building will be electric powered and fly at about 5-10 mph. I intend to demonstrate the really weird things you can do with a small wingspan(18-24") electric powered FOAM airplane! These new ones use lithium polymer batteries. That is the same ones that are in your cell phone and most of all the other small electronics. So somewhere in the not to distant future, when that building is done, come on up and watch a few crashes! Even after doing this for 40+ years I manage to get some pretty spectacular ones! If you are interested in learning how to fly one of these things, give me a call and I'll help get you on the road to electric aviation. It's a ball and even a little cheaper than cigs and booze, but not much! TIFN, Everett


THE EVIL ONE said...


I have heard that R/C is a hobby of yours. I was thinking that maybe you should stick to driving around BI @ 25mph. or less because I have also heard that your actual flying time to crash ratio are about equal.

Everett said...

Oh Evil one, I know who you are and you are TRULY EVIL! I'll get even as soon as I figure out how! TIFN Everett

Sam said...

Looks like the camel's nose is already under the tent.

Model RAF Sopwith Camel, that is!
have fun,

blockislandblog said...

Geez Everett, It looks like I've unleashed a demon. Sorry about that. But thanks for the support anyway.

blockislandblog said...

Hope you don't mind Everett, but I was hoping a few more people would click over to my blog after they read yours. I started out a little weak in the topic department (lame stuff) but I think there are some intersesting topics I'd like to see more of a response on, such as accessory apartments not being rented year-round, and whether the residents of BI don't do enough politically speaking. So come over to
As much as I enjoy having you and Sam as faithful contributers, I'd like to "talk" with more people.
Thanks Everett!

Everett said...

Hi BIB, I reread your post about the accessory apts a couple of times trying to get some inspiration as to how to go about compiling the data you need for at least a half way coherent post. Going to the homeowners abd trying to get some FACTUAL info on the rental history would be a real exercise in futility. Trying the Real Estate people would probably give the same result as they won't want to jeopardize their standing with the homeowners regarding those 'lucrative' summer rentals. So I am at a loss as to where to go. I suppose I could just ride around the Island in the winter and pick out the ones with no lights and a vacant sign on the door, but that approach doesn't appear at first blush, to be one that would have much credulity attached to it. Give me an idea and I'll run with it, or at least crawl along slowly! TIFN Everett

blockislandblog said...

Could it be as simple as going to the Building Inspector or Land Use Administrator? They must have records for the last 10 years or so, of who built garage apartments or other apartments in their homes.
Then call the owners and ask for the number of their year-round resident tenant. If they say they use it for family overflow, have the minimum housing inspector do a surprise visit on the 4th of July or the first week in August.
PS Does anybody really understand the ordinance governing these accessory structures? I'd love a lesson.

jayme said...

Checking in with the Building inspector makes sense. It seems logical that the town should follow up on inspecting the accessory apartments to ensure that they are used for the intended purpose of providing year-round housing.
We've been looking into the possibility of building an accessory apartment on our property -for year round rental- and checked out the paper work.
I believe that the current form stipulates that the if the building is not utilized for year-round rental the owner cannot maintain it as an apartment. If the building does not have a year-round tenant it is not allowed to have a kitchen.
If my memory is correct, the application form was rather clear that failure to adhere to the requirements of operating the accessory apartment meant that the owner would have to remove the kitchen from the unit.
I think the regulations concerning the construction and operation of accessory apartments may be clear enough. ( But I'm not a lawyer.) The question seems to be a matter of "follow up", that is accessing if the owners are adhering to the established ordinance.

Anonymous said...

The accessory apartment form is clear and the Zoning Section is clear. The Town changed it a few years ago to make teh process simpler and not many more people have become interested in putting an accessory apartment on their property. The problems is most property owners don't want to have someone living on their property. Not all but most don't. There are a few that realize having someone on their property year round is a protection. ie burst pipes, snow damage etc.

The problem doesn't lie with the Building Official (not Building Inspector). He has to live here to. He doesn't go around checking who lives where. We all know of illegal apartments. Not all of them are bad, that is where alot of yearround people live. If you know of them why don't you make a complaint about them.

Another issue you should realize is that if the homeowner doesn't get a building permit to put the kitchen in or hook up the stove how is he supposed to know it exists.

I am posting this here and on the the other blog.

I know housing is an issue. A bigger issue is Bob Smith trying to sabotage MJ's West Side Road project.

blockislandblog said...

The following was posted under the "Am I the only one?" blog on my blog www.bockislandblog.blogspot.com in response to the above response.
If these people don't want people living on their property, why then do they build accessory apartments? Is it so they can rent them weekly, or so they can rent their main house and still have a place to stay on weekends?
I am not saying this is the fault of or a problem for the Building Inspector. I think he has a lot of responsibilty as is. But couldn't it be researched by someone, say on the housing board. I have nothing against the illegal ones that are rented year-round, or even just in the summer to workers. They are in essence legal by the standards of the ordinance if you follow the spirit of the law.
Sure, I could put a list together of potential illegal apartments, but would anyone at town hall help me determine if they are in fact illegal? As a private citizen I have no power of enforcement. It would have to be a town driven initiative.
I wish I could speak more on the Bob Smith issue, but since I haven't seen him in action, or ever had a conversation with him I will reserve judgement. What I can say, is that anyone who tries to sabotage a project like this over minutia is an elitist. Let's let these families get their own space, with their own backyards, and two parking spaces. Once it's built you won't have to look at it if you don't want to, just keep your eyes on the road. If the people buying the houses and LIVE in them are happy with the plan then everyone else should butt out.
And that's all I have to say about that!