Council Meeting TONIGHT! 3/16/05

Well tonight at the Council work session meeting, 6PM at the Town Hall, anybody that has questions about either the money from/to the Library, or about those 'consultants' fees, should get right on down there and hear what is going to be said! Maybe then we will have a little more diversified commentary on what went on! I'll be waiting to hear. TTFN Everett


Anonymous said...

You are lookng for something to bitch about? Well how about Les Slate working maybe 20 hours and submiting time cards for 40 hours and somebody at townhall signing off on them to avoid a conflict. Just look and see Les's car at home all afternoon.

blockislandblog said...

I just made a post to my web blog about driving on BI.
After, I went to the projo website and found this article.
Maybe the NSPD could do something like this.


Anonymous said...

In reference to Les, I am the only other person that thinks this is outrageous? I have heard the same things, from both the road crew and town hall. Why is this guy being protected. He is the one who exposed our community to that animal Bo Winnenger. It doesn't matter what Les's last or middle names are,you have to call a spade a spade.

Newbie said...

Hi all,
I just read in the BITimes that the library board wants to close the library on Sunday and Monday in the summer. This to alleviate traffic and to give the staff a break. Give me a break. If the traffic is so high when open 6 days a week, that just means all the people who would have gone on Sunday will either not use the library, or more than likely, go on a different day, thus increasing traffic for those five days. If the library is so well used, then hire more seasonal help, or better yet aggressively recruit volunteers.
Next issue, Parking
Going to the library when travelling by car has become nearly impossible. Once you enter the lobster pot driveway, there is no way out that is graceful or safe. Using the Gables parking as a turnaround seems unfair.
I know, I know. Why don't you walk or ride a bike? Well when bringing books back to the library, sometimes teetering on my non-existant bicycle would not be possible. And for those with children, forget about it. If you live on the West Side or even on Spring Street, dragging one or two kids, with books etc through town is downright dangerous. I feel like the library gets less accessible every year. I think the staff is great, the library is beautiful and neat. Let's make sure it is well used. (Imagine complaining that the library get too much use in today's internet and television age.)
Isn't there a way to either purchase or lease adjoining land. Maybe someone would consider annexing some of their backyard if it was made worth their while.

Sam said...

I didn't hear anything about those "consultant fees." What's going on there? You know tha if the Town hires a consultant to produce a report or finding of any kind, it is a matter of the public record? I'd like to see what the $300 per hour folks are giving you!

Everett said...

Hi Sam, Yeah we would all like to see some kind of hard copy of just what it was we got for all that money. The Town Manager was asked for a copy of the original RFP and a copy of the contract. The person asking was told it would be forthcoming but the worker bee's couldn't seem to locate either item. I think they are both being manufactured as I type this! All you get when asking the TM a question is evasions and mucho dissembling and no factual answers. The operation of that office is a sad joke on the people of the Island! TTFN Everett

Anonymous said...

PLEASE!!! The whole story about the consultants needs to come out. What do they do? Why won't the Town Manager show the real answers.

Anonymous said...

It seem to me that you sould not a a lawyer running the town. They seem to no how to DODGE the questions about what they are doing and what they have done!!!!!