Spring Poetry...Well,... Almost

Does anyone out there have a short/funny/??/ whatever poem concerning the advent of Spring? I have two little short one I learned as a kid. After reading them you will see why they were aimed at the juve set. Forthwith, I give you #1.

Spring has sprung,
and the grass has riz,
I wonder where the birdies is?

Little Robin Red Breast
Sitting on a pole,
Wiggle, Wiggle, went his tail,
Phhuuut,went his hole!

Well, I did warn you! If there is anyone out there offended but this bit of 'smut', let me know post haste and I'll remove it if the demand is such that it is warranted. So come on all you poet laureates, bring forth those words for us all to hear! TIFN Everett


Sam said...

Three moles woke up in the Spring
The first said "I smell coffee"
The second said "I smell bacon"
The third said "I smell molasses"

Very old joke. Get it?

Newbie said...

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
the deer ate my tulips,
what's a girl to do?

Sorry, that one was inspired by actual events.

Catbiri said...

April Showers
Bring May Flowers,
What do May Flowers Bring?


Sorry. Had to :)

Sam said...

Spring arrives slowly on Block Island shores,
It awakes, goes back to sleep, and then snores.
Down at the Spring House pump, that's where it all began,
When the wild mint grew through the old ice, to which we all ran.
Guarded by an old snipe, a big spider, and a new field mouse,
We went down the short trail to the old Pump House.
We always lingered, down at the old well,
Looking for signs of true spring, and what it would tell.

Everett said...

Hey Sam! Outstanding little poem. Can I copy it and get it put in the BI Times? Under attribution of course. Damn, I didn't think anyone would come up with an original one! I am truly amazed and impressed! I also have to tell you that I was talking to a young friend of mine the other day and we got onto discussing Blogs. He says to me, "You know that guy Sam that writes on yours, well he is one seriously smart dude!" So there! Accolades from the hinterlands. TIFN Everett

Sam said...

I am flattered and a little taken aback. I've never written a poem in my life! It would be wonderful to see it in the paper. By the way, I'm just an ole redneck dummy. Can you or Pippa come up with a title? It's my 'little spring gift' to you all.

Anonymous said...

Roses are Red...
Violets are blue...
Town Hall is totally F'ed up...
What are we to do?

Ex-Manissean said...

We used to spend lots of play time at that old pump house as kids, thanks for the memories Sam.

Anonymous said...

Days are getting longer
The maze daffodils in bloom
Shad will frost the hollow
As robins sing their tune
March becomes April
Soon May slips to June
Swiftly spring warms to summer
As I await a September aftenoon

First time posting here.
Not much of a writer,but i guess Sam inspired me =)
I must say that i do enjoy your Blog, Everett.
The navy story is great!

Anonymous said...

Spring on the block comes two fold
one for the young one for the old

One inspired one mired
one anxious
one rankious

if the story were to be told by either young or old one would know that neither version will hold.

It can't be all strangers
nor flower dancers, all in all.

yet Somewhere the future still holds a promise of light.

A promise comfortable in its very might. that this garden can grow enough bounty for all, right.

So lets put down our guards and allowed to be blessed- that this season will be the best.