The New Town Hall

There have been a few comments about just what is the status of the new town hall, and I'd like to add my own. Where is the council in regard to the final plans? Have they been completed yet? And are there any plans regarding use of alternate energy initiatives? There are a lot of good ideas out there. As some one in an earlier comment said, there are a LOT of federal grants out there for people/communities willing to explore and use these technologies. Some of them are not very high tech either. One very simple and cheap idea is to run radiant heat plastic tube through the FOUNDATION of the building and connect them to one or two solar water heating panels. A small circulator pump in the system circulates the liquid and acts as a preheater of the walls instead of trying to drive the cold back out through the walls. Continue the radiant heat through out the floor either by itself or in conjunction with the wall system. Solar panels on the roof opposite e the road can significantly lower the electricity needs of the building. Check out the system at the School or the Post Office. They really do work. How about the council setting up a small and dedicated committee to get some good information on the operation, costs, and feasibility of these alternatives? This should also include the new 20 kwh fuel cells. Find out how long they are good for, what kind of maintenance is required, what is the cost to run one for a certain period of time, How much do they cost, and finally how much of the cost can be offset by applying for a grant? Anybody know any good grant writers? Hey! How about a nice ten kwh beautiful windmill sitting in the back yard? Let everybody in the world know that you really do care about conservation of energy resources by your deeds and actions!

So would any member of the Town Council or the Town Manager care to comment on this? We could make our new Town Hall building a fine model for the nation to see, and to emulate in their own communities. Comments? TIFN Everett

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Anonymous said...

If you'd like to see the plans they are in the town hall. This building should be beautiful and reflect the ideals of conservation which is so prevelant on our island...

This begs the question? Why is the new town hall being built in the wetland buffer zone that no private citizen is allowed to build in?

Not only can't private citizens build in the buffer we are not even allowed to factor the buffer zone into our total property calculation when determining buildable space...and we pay taxes on it!

The town should lead by example by not throwing out the zoning ordinances when it suits their ends.