How Deep are your Kids Pockets

In the March/April issue of AARP magazine, Karen Westerberg Reyes writes that Social Security "is not broke"! She asserts that it is in the best shape since its inception in 1935. She also says that any surplus Social Security revenue is invested in U S Treasury bonds, this to the tune of 1.6 trillion dollars, and that by 2028 social Security is going to have to redeem those bonds and delve into the 1.6 T principal. She then goes on to admit that those Social Security revenues are only, "on paper", but that the paper is U S Treasury bonds! So what? I have a couple of nagging questions about the whole affair. Is there Any Cash in the trust fund till? Or is it full of IOU's from other government entities that have "borrowed" a few million here and there in order to fund their own favorite "porky" social programs like the gigantic agri-business farm aid? Next question, where is the money, the actual cash, going to come from to redeem those IOU's? And just exactly who is it that pays the 6-13 percent interest on those Treasury bonds held by Soc. Sec.? Do not most of these borrowing entities get funded by the Income Tax revenues? So what does that do to the balance sheet? How does the government make up that huge shortfall in cash? So in the end, to keep this "cash fat" and "unbroken" system in the black and paying benefits, guess who is going to be digging deeper and deeper into their pockets to fix the disaster perpetrated on them by the now in office "officials"? That's right , your kids and grandchildren!

I have one last question, are there any politicians of any stripe in Washington, that actually give a damn about people that sent them there, and who are there solely for the purpose of enacting laws that benefit ALL Americans equally? I think not! Every day you read or hear of another one out to feather his own nest, or get re-elected in order to continue to feed at the government trough! In closing, I have to say that I am sorry that I voted for Lincoln Chaffee. He has turned out to be no more than a liberal "donkey" in a conservative suit ! Check out his voting record and floor speeches. TIFN Everett

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