Island Roads Redux

Back at the roads again.... This time in regard to High Street. A question that I have is, will the "drainage system" partially installed, continue all the way to the top of the street? If not, how is proposed that the water running down the hill, underground, be directed to that one 6-8" pipe sticking up in the middle of the hill? There is a partial solution to some of the water that feeds the 'High Street River'. Over on the back side west end of the Continental pond there is an outlet that lets the overflow run down the hill and into the Mill Tail. I believe that there was a "beehive" built into the ground that controlled erosion. I looked at it the other day and it is completely choked with debris. If the town would talk to the land owners back there and ask to let the junk be cleared out, a huge amount of the water than now runs down High St. would go out the back way, bothering no one nor damaging anyone's property. That is the way it was for all the years I was a young'un around here. Hey Mike, if someone reads this maybe they will let you know! I'm to decrepit to run you down. TIFN Everett

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Anonymous said...

yes evertt you are right there is a drain on the back side of the pond that mart conley used to keep cleaned out hasent been cleaned out in some time