Land Trust Questions

I am wondering if some one of the members of the Land Trust would be interested in responding to the questions posed by a few people in regard to the $16M in cash reserves supposedly in an account somewhere. Is that a fact or is all the money somehow committed to purchases? I'm the wrong one to ask about the whole operation, but there are knowledgeable people out there. I hope they will respond.

The Library. Apparently there are a lot of questions about its operation to. I'm not a very frequent user of the facility but it seems as though at least a few people are very upset with the time open/staffing schedules. Are there any members of the Library board out there who read this blog and would be interested a posting some answers to the asked questions? If so just go to the bottom of this page and click on "post a comment".

How about the taking over of the town beach? Any member of the Council care to give us all the rational behind the idea and what they hope to accomplish by doing so. What are the goals of this deal? Enlighten please.

Does any member of the Council care to tell us just what is going on with those computer consultants who are ripping us off for big bucks without much to show for it. It sure as hell is taking an inordinate amount of time to do the simple job they were hired to do. Whats up guys? More enlightenment please!! TIFN Everett


The Phantom Scrawler said...

As far as the library hours of operation, etc., goes...somebody is always going to be upset and complain. Such is human nature. The library staff is under contract - certain hours = certain pay. It's not like the Depot, where the owners determine hours, pay rates, vacation and overtime. We are fortunate to have the library that we do and a dedicated staff who are consistently trying to better themselves and their services. (We're also fortunate to have the Depot, lest I be misunderstood). Like I said...somebody's always gonna complain.

Anonymous said...

Did you folks know that the late fees the library collects go to the town and not the library?
I know the town pays the bills, but maybe the money from the late fees could stay in house? I know I'd feel better about the small fortune I've spent on late fees if I knew they went back into the library.

Anonymous said...

the library is just another BI social program. They use tax payer monies to give their friends jobs.

For instance...drive by town hall on any given day. What do you see? At least 25 cars parked there. Walk into town hall what do you see? Twenty people hanging around not earning our tax money that they get in a check every week.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else concerned about the new town ordinances that are being passed in responce to the noise issue?

This whole thing started over noise, now the town wants to limit the number of events with over 150 persons each establishment can have (22 private events and 4 open to the public)...and the ones that fall within this limit need to be approved by the town!

What other problems other than noise have there been? Won't the new noise ordinace control this problem?

In the language of the draft it actually says that the town council may deny any application for an event if the Council does not deem it "appropiate."

So much for property rights...isn't this America where we have the freedom of association.

Anonymous said...

This goes out to the BI times. We all know you read this blog because you have reported on it...

I challenge you to do some investigative reporting on these issues.

The 16mil in the land trust account no one knows anything about while the town is being bonded for open space... the finances at the town hall...who was the loan to and why did Ms. Dodge refuse to answer Balser's questions?

These are just two issues which are contained on this blog. It seems like your paper just avoids major issues where the town is involved, and possibly involved incorrectly.

Please!!!! Do your job. Think of how well you will sleep at night!

The Phantom Scrawler said...

The library is just to "give their friends jobs"???? Have you met these people? Whose friends do you think they are?

And just a side note (and not terribly appropriate - my bad), when one is commenting on the unnecessary status of the library, perhaps one might wish to use punctuation, capitalization and full and grammatically correct sentences. Might make you seem like someone who actually steps foot in a library every so often...

Island avenger said...

to the phantom scrawler...

Sorry about my grammer and puntuation I do the best I can but hookedd onn foix werked fer me to.
I love the BI library the staff is great they try to help the best they can.