Kennedy Memorabilia

I noticed on MSNBC today that there is to be an auction of a lot of Jack and Jackies "stuff". Just exactly why in hell would anyone want any of that "stuff" in their house except for the notoriety, mostly bad, of the male member of the duo? It might serve as a talking piece, but that is about it.

It has always been a sore point with me that some of the MSM seems to have crowned that sordid family with the term America's Royalty. What a crock! I thought we all ran away from those European countries mainly because of their Royalty, and what they thought they could do to we serfs! At least thats why my family left merry auld England.

So old Joe Kennedy, or his ancestors come here for what ever reason, and eventually go into the business of rum running during prohibition and gets fanstically loaded, with money that is! He procreates and has a bunch of kids. In the mean time gets himself an Ambassadors job in a country that is unknown to me. Thats only 'cause I'm to lazy to spend the time to find out. Joe Jr. manages to get killed early on in life. Then Jack becomes President, philanderer and adulterer that he was. Bobby gets to be Attorney General. Then two assassinations occur! Teddy, who is on the very bottom of the family barrel, as far as brains go, gets him self elected Senator after he manages to kill an illicit girlfriend by drowning, while standing by,dithering and watching! This is the dumbest man in the US Senate, witness some of the recent statements by him. And did you know that 'Teddy" has been banned from more than one Island place of business? He removed a pair of panties from a female at the High View and was wearing them on his head! This from a member of the worlds "most exclusive club"!A nephew, Micheal Skeakel (sp) rapes and kills a girl. Another nephew William Kennedy Smith rapes a girl. Another child, Patrick uses someones sailboat and proceeds to completely trash it, Jack Jr. manages to get himself killed in a plane crash. Poor Rose and Jackie, all they did was have the unfortunate luck to marry into a clan of mis-begotten bootleggers,adulterers and rapists. After all this litany of woe and despair, Just exactly why would they have been called America's royalty? And who really wants to be reminded of the shortcomings by having to look at one of their possessions day after day? NOT ME. I am a devout Kennedy Dis-Like-O-Phile! Anybody else out there disaffected by this troop of misfits? TIFN Everett


Anonymous said...

The biggest sham with the whole Kennedy thing is that every year on the anniversary of JFK's assassination all the media outlets do a story on remembering Kennedy. All the while everyone knows it was a cover up. Oswald was supposed to have shot Kennedy from behind, but anyone who has seen the color video can cleary see his head go flying backwards.

The media does a disservice to his legacy because they have the means to push the issue to try to come to some determination of what happened. However, they instead replay the same old footage, too scared of or too aligned with the government to ask the real questions.

It is sad that we all know our own government was involved in the assassination of our president and no one has been able to get the truth. The same group of evil people who were responcible are the ones who control our lives now.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bill Clinton: while the media crucified him for his silly little sex pecadillos, Kennedy's utterly obscene and arrogant philandering was totally covered up so he could be revered and idolized by the unknowing populace.
As for the assassination, the Mafia was the major force, perhaps with some help from dispossesed Cubans. Funny, how corrupt old Joe Kennedy worked with the mafia as a bootlegger and Hollywood mogul (they helped buy Jack's election in Chicago & West Virginia), Bobby had the guts to go after the mafia...

Ex-Manissean said...

A book about Sam Giancana the past Mob 'Don of the Dons' written by his brother, claimed JFK was taken out by Sams order because Joe Sr had broken a deal made with Sam to deliver union votes in the election. The Mobs way of taking out politicians since the late 1800's was to set up a "Patsy" or otherwise not so innocent person to take the blame and make it look like a crazy lone guy did it on their own. J. Edgar, on the other hand, was a loose cannon and had a big grudge against the Kennedy Brothers as well. He ran the FBI as his own kingdom and had the power to pull off something like this as well. A trivia side note: my wifes Aunt was a Nurse in the Emergency Rm at Parkland Hosp. when they brought JFK in that day. She always said his throat wound was different than later described by the Autopsy.