More "Wind" on Old BI

The weekly fodder sheet arrived this AM and I go where I do every time I open it up, to the letters to the Editor section. There I was greeted by two letters from a couple of "locals"with a little more insight as to the West Side Housing affair. Their thoughts regarding Mr. Aspbury were right up there with mine! His assertion that it had been on the market is surely true, but it's location puts it where the conservator has no interest in acquiring it. It is, after all, in a hole and not a top priority piece of property that the Deep pocketed "retirees " would want to spend a couple million dollars on so that they could have a view of the cemetery and Ball Housing. Not to say that the view of/from the cemetery is bad, 'cause I'll be there looking around soon enough!

Perusing down the page a little further I came across Mr. Woods rather petulant and verbose response to bringing into question Mr. R. Smiths bona fides as regards being a council member. I was absolutely shouting out with joy that HE was annoyed! All the years he owned the paper, it was a seldom occasion that when someone wrote a letter to the Ed. that he didn't add or take away letters, words, or punctuation! Wonderful to see the shoe has shifted location, and I hope it fits very tightly! He is also quite taken with his writing abilities. Witness his remarks in regard to his,"pithy, witty, and acerbic" account of an unpublished letter. Leave off the last two letters of the first word, and you find where the letter found its final resting place, in one. The "acerbic" part was probably closer to nastiness, where I will now take myself. Peter, you neglected to tell which of the "wits" you were talking about. Was it, Dim, Nit, or Half? TIFN Everett

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Mr. Wood's podium? Ohh... that's right...he sold it. To some guy in Jamestown who didn't give a rat's you-know-what about BI.
Bravo Everett! I was thrilled to see Mr. Wood squirm in the same headlock he has placed so many in himself. It's called Karma! Unfortunately, I think Mr. Wood is unable to draw the parrallel.
But his letter does raise an interesting point. Why is it okay for the publisher to shoot his arrows, while Mr. Wood is not? One reason...money. Mr. Hagopian is an advertiser in the BI Times (HI-speed ferry). (I would blame it on him being a lawyer, but so is Bob!)
People are far more conscious of how what they do, will affect their wallet.

I was also glad to see some positive (no MJ bashing) letters in the paper. I think anyone on the list for the houses on the West Side should be writing letters and standing up for the project. It's unfortunate the only people who have witnessed the parade of hopeful homeowners speak their hearts and minds, were those in attendance at the various meetings leading to it's approval. I wish every taxpayer could have seen the articulate, hardworking people, young and old, telling their story because they knew it was important.
Even more impressive is listening to the people who "have theirs" fight for those who don't.
BTW Anyone who disputes the appropriateness of the location, must be an abutter. There is not a more perfect location for this project on this Island that I can think of...that hasn't been bought up by the Land Trust, TNC or BIC.

PS Anyone notice how in defending her ex in her letter to the editor, Ms. Ritter-Smith basically acknowledged Mr. doesn't live here? At least his heart does...right?