Always Blue For Chicu

So here is your chance to ingraiate yourself with your small children or grandchildren if they are visiting this summer! How to do that you may ask? Well hie thy self down too the Island Bound store and pick up a copy of this children's book. The art work and the colors throughout the book are just beautiful. As is the story itself. It is instructional for us old folks who don't, or didn't know much about parrots, and is an engrossing story for the younger set. I read it too my youngest granddaughter who is three and a half going on 30, and by her questions and comments, you could tell she was totally into the story. Throughout, she kept touching different ones of the pictures and had something to say about each. In later life I think she will be a pretty good critic of both art and literature as she pronounced at the end, that she liked this story!!

It is a story of a young parrot from birth in a tree hole and his subsequent contact with humans and his triumphs and travails over a long long life! Of course there was a Sailor involved which kind of led me right down the garden path! Just had to find out what that was all about. I never knew a parrot was so long lived! So I'll quit with the comments now so as not to give away too much.

Even if you don't have any young ones around you could pick one up for your own edification.

This book, as well many other children's books have been written and illustrated by this author. She is Karen Dugan and many of you will recognise her as the child bride of one Paul Dugan a one time island resident for a lot of years. TIFN


Anonymous said...

You're a good grandpa Ev.

Old NFO said...

EV, you done good by the granddaughter :-) And parrots DO live a long time! Thanks for the recommendation, I'll pass it along.

commoncents said...

Just wanted to drop a quick note saying I really like your blog!

Common Cents

karen said...

Just wanted to tell everyone Everett was my main expert for the sailor info and one big reason this book won an award was all because of his generous help.

Many, many thanks again, Everett!