Terry Mooney for First Warden?

My first question to Mr. Mooney would be to ask if he is a dyed in the wool strict democrat as defined by the originators of the party? There to look out for the "little guy" and make sure the robber barons et al, inflict minimal hurt to them financially and morally? Is this the kind of democrat you are? OR,

Are you a so called Progressive Democrat who is totally in line with the Obama Administration and the direction he is leading this country? And so there is no mistake about this direction, anyone with at least one half of a brain can see that this direction is toward a Socialistic oriented society where the government oversees every faction of your life from cradle to grave. That is where we are headed as fast as he and his socialistic/communistic minions in all the high places can shove it down our throats.

So if you can prove to me that you are of the former orientation, and devoid of the ideas ingrained in the Obama Adoration League ilk, I would cast my vote for you because we need someone in that position to again be looking out for the "little people" instead of using them for their own personal gain and gratification.

I'd put this in the form of a letter to the BIT but know that it would NOT get printed as written!. TIFN

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Old NFO said...

Um... Ev actually 'believing' any politician will actually KEEP a campaign promise is pretty far fetched these days... What's his record?