A: How does one go about beginning the impeachment of a President? Well, as a private citizen there is not much you can do except rant and rave and try to convince the majority of the people who can impeach him that it must be done.

B: Who can begin these proceedings? That is solely the purview of the House of Representatives to actually vote to impeach the president. But it is the Senate who must TRY him with the chief Justice of the Supreme Court overseeing the trial. THEN IT MUST BE TWO THIRDS OF THE SENATE WHO VOTE TO ACTUALLY IMPEACH. But with the place totally infested with the Progressive ass kissers in office there right now it will never happen! The ones there now have totally facilitated the the beginnings of the destruction of this country as we know it. There is no use reiterating all the individual "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" that this miscreant has perpetrated on the people of this country. It would take up a LOT of space here. But when November rolls around the landscape in the House may have a decidedly different appearance as regards numbers of obama trolls that inhabit that den of thieves. But after just a cursory reading of the wording in the Constitution, this empty suit is well qualified to be impeached. After the last few days of hearing about how his SEIU and Acorn henchmen as well as the New Black Panther homeys intimidated voters at the polling places so he could steal the nomination from Shrillary, I would think that alone would qualify him under the HCAM's guidelines. There are just too many people who witnessed this who are now coming forward for it to be some, "Far right Wing Conspiracy"! Although the spin doctors are already working that angle!

C: What are the misdeeds/grounds that one has to have committed that would require impeachment?

Virtually every action this turd has done since he got in office would qualify him for impeachment!
So I guess we are going to have to wait till November to see if any of the new electee's have grown any cojones!

OBTW, How about that new RINO from Mass that got Teddy K's seat? right off the bat he sides with Liberman and Dodd on the banking bill along with those two other RINO's from Maine! What a friggin disaster! TIFN

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