Home Invasion #2

A few months ago I put up a post where I was talking about having bought a pistol or two and was giving my Grandaughters some instruction in how to use them for personal self defense. I referred too the very real possibility of the partial breakdown of law and order as we have known it for the last 200+ years.

In the comments section I drew the ire of some ill informed persons who berated me for being an alarmist and perpetuating the "crazy right wing, 2nd Amendment,etc. line of thought"! This was because I had mentioned something about Home Invasions here on BI. These persons adamantly stated that particular occurrence would NEVER happen out here on BI!! Went to grreat lengths to describe my delusions.

Well in the intervening time since then, it has happened to our house not once but twice! Neither of them turned into a slaughterhouse affair either by the intruders or myself who JUST BARELY was able to restrain myself from putting 20-30 rounds of .223 into them, or possibly a few rounds of 00 buckshot up close and personal! They both came to a benign ending. The first, because the guy didn't like looking down the receiving end of a Sig 1911 .45 ACP pistola. The second required the assistance of the local Constabulary to effect this ones departure.

So don't just take it for granted that you are beyond and above all the self same types of disasters that befall the people of the mainland just because you live out here on BI! We are NOT insulated from all those happenings by a few miles of open water like we used to be. Shit happens, and it happens out here also! TIFN


Sam said...

Wow Ev, two perps this summer? Man you NEED a gun for sure.

I don't see the big deal, since the Supreme Court validated the right to carry and you have the Castle Doctrine to defend your house and family. You might get a shotgun, though, since you don't need good eyesight and it's easier on the drywall, LOL.

Now a person ain't no less of a person if they don't want guns, like the Quakers or something. Personally, I don't advise one on a boat, for example.

Oh and Ev, people have been saying the same thing since the 1770s, because of the marauding Indians and various bands of thieves, invaders, and pirates. It is no worse, other than there simply are more people. -sam

Old NFO said...

Glad you're okay Ev. So how hard was it to clean the crap off the floor after he met the business end of the Sig???

Anonymous said...

Two more invasions near downtown in last couple weeks. Lock the doors and load...