Non-Momentous posts!

I have decided to not try and wait for some "thing" of import to stir me into putting up a new post. From now on it will be every little petty thing I can think of that will come up here. Could be 20-30 words or a lot more. We'll see what happens.

First one: There was a debate up in Providence somewhere yesterday or today, not sure which, by all the candidates for Governor of this state. SO when and if we manage to elect another Democrat to that position How is that going to bode for all we 'little" taxpayers? There will be no one there to veto the exorbitant spending bills they are sure too come up with. When, in the last 50 years that the Dem's have controlled this state, have they done much of anything that was of a constructive and continuing nature but keep on handing out money and jobs to their "faithful", read crooks, friends? Every time the present Gov. tried to do anything to stop the bleeding of money from our pockets, it was overridden by those who controlled the House and Senate.

Anybody got any ideas how to stop this crap? Of course all the recipients of the largess will never vote any other way than to continue the status quo. We are again, totally screwed! TIFN

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