The Revolutionary Holocaust

Tomorrow evening at 5pm till 6pm, on channel 360 Fox News, the Glen Beck show will air a documentary called, "The Revolutionary Holocaust, Live Free or Die"

If you have kids that are in the age group from 14 on up, and if they have graduated from either High School or College in the last ten years or so, You should urge them to sit still for an hour in front of the TV and absorb just what is being presented to them. It will destroy all the revisionist history that has been foist on them during their years in school!!

This program will present the TRUE facts about all the Tyrants, Dictators, Megalomaniacs and other assorted murderers, and genocidal people that have infested this globe for the last 80-90 years. And will not be shown as some sort of misguided leader who was just not nice to his people! Presented in their true light will be the likes of, PolPot, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Amin, Saddam, and I can't forget Anita Dunn's favorite Philosopher Mousey Dung, doing what they did best, killing their own people and wiping out whole populations of "lesser and undesirable" people. BY THE MILLIONS!!

This will most probably be their first exposure to what happened REALLY happened in these countries, as opposed to the bullshit revisionist crap they were fed in school since all the progressivism has taken over in the US Education System!!

I really hope all who read this will try to get a young person or two to watch!! TIFN

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Old NFO said...

I watched it, good show...