The Council of Governors

Has anybody out there heard anything about this new Council of Governors that the Omaniac created with another executive order? It has something to do with appointing ten state governors to this council to oversee the mechanics of AL THE "57" states National Guard troops! Sounds to me like he is getting ready to institute martial law at the first sign that he is about to be ousted! If anyone else knows anything about this, we'd be glad to hear what you have heard! Keep those guns shiny, clean, loaded and cocked! I wonder just how many police men and military will back him up when he gives his "unlawful order"? TIFN

PS no more OHD posts unless something new happens!


Sam said...

I looked into it and the measure was required by law in the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act. Obama would have been breaking he law if he did NOT do as Congress passed, for good or bad or indifferent.

It's just a way to better coordinate homeland security and National Guard troop deployments with the states, not a bad idea.

I really don't think it is such a big deal. Some of the crazy right wing of the Republican party have been smoking dope, I think!

Anonymous said...

None of the Republicans I know smoke dope Sam. You've been watching MSNBC to much.

Sam said...

Naw that was a figure of speech, like "drinking the Kool-Aid. There's a lot of sensationalizing of the news these days ... and it is true that Fox and MSNBC tend to be heavily slanted to their political orientation. Fortunately, I don't watch either TV station. I don't even know where MSNBC is on my remote control - never been there.

It's like Pat Robertson saying that God have Haiti a horrible earthquake because of a "deal with the devil" some time in the past. Incredible! Now THEY have to be smoking dope or addicted to something, no other reason for such irrational behavior.

Being an independent, and not being a slave to either political party, is good for me. I do my thinking for myself, and am quick to damn either party at any time. About a third of the US voters are "swing voters" of no particular political persuasion, and WE elect the candidates in the closer races, even the recent one with Brown in Massachusetts.

People like me, we don't vote in primaries, don't listen to political TV or radio shows, and just like Everett, want to "throw all the bums out of office."

Everett said...

I had gotten an email from someone about this Council of Governors and they postulated that those ten Gov's. would be the ones most in O mans pocket, and that they would be the ones to deploy the National Guard folks INSIDE the US in the event of a declaration of martial Law by "You know Who"! For either real or imagined reasons! That is what makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up! Well, what there is of it. Then I got to wondering just how many of the troops would obey that order and fire on fellow American folks!

Sam said...

Haven't you heard about the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878?

The only exemptions to the Act are if a governor requests the national guard within each state, the Insurrection Act in case of mass riots, and the Coast Guard.

Interesting, some states like Texas want more troops to help militarize the border with Mexico, which was denied by Obama and the Homeland Security Chief. Texas is a "red" state led by Governor Perry, a prominent Republican.

In spite of all that, you might have a point. Militarizing anything within our borders is stupid, and none of the local law officials want it. If it's state National Guard troops and trucks right after a hurricane, though, they are a welcome sight! Nice folks, brought us tons of ice and MRE's. -sam

Old NFO said...

It will be interesting to see if any 'changes' come out of the meetings...