Brown vs Coakley

I am waiting with bated breath for the interim election in Assachussets on Tuesday. I want to see if the people of the state where the first Tea Party was held, has FINALLY pulled their collective heads from those dark reaches of the "netherlands" and come face to face with the reality of just exactly what it is that their so "revered" elected ass wipes have wrought upon them and the rest of us! You know of whom I speak of course, two thirds of the Three Stooges, teddy and barney. The other third from CT. has already thrown in the towel.

For the last four or five days, you cannot have turned on the TV and not seen at least five to ten per hour, of the attack ads presented to us by the Coakley Conspiracy against Scott Brown. I try not to sit mesmerized by the tube for more than an hour or two a day, but in all the time I have in this aforementioned time period, I have yet to see ONE of the negative attacks directed TOWARD Ms Coakley! Have I just missed them all, or has Mr Brown been running a campaign based on what he has done, and will do instead of denigrating his opponent at every opportunity? I'll tell you right out, it would be no contest as to who I would vote for if I were so UNFORTUNATE as to be living in Taxachussets!! TIFN On to the Old Harbor Dock update blog.

OBTW, Anybody out there on this little Island interested in having a third alternative to the two established parties? We could, those of us interested in total fiscal responsibility, Constitutionalists, small government, etc., join the growing legions of disaffected voters in this country and become the next generation of Tea Party members! Yeah I know, the name doesn't have the "ring of respectability" that the other two USED TO HAVE, but that may not actually be a bad thing. Comments anyone? Anonamouse or otherwise? Now it is TIFN!


Crucis said...

Ev, I see that Brown is getting some outside help. The Tea Party Alliance is running ads on network TV. I saw some on Fox Sunday. Short and direct. I sent him $50 last week. Just to do my bit.

Deirdre said...

For me it's come to this (and I say this in full knowledge of what you think of Ted Kennedy personally...)
I admired the work that Uncle Ted did in the Senate, and I do feel that he rightfully deserves to be called one of the greatest Senators *maybe* ever, but definitely in the history of Massachusetts.
For me voting for Coakley would be the equivalent of voting for a piece of wet spaghetti. To hand her that seat because she is a Democrat & that seat was previously held by one would do what I think is not only a major disservice to the residents of my faire state but also would really dishonor the Lion of the Senate who- for better or worse- actually worked for that reputation.

Since the President I voted for last year hasn't found his spine just yet, I can't pretend that he is delivering on anything we expected, and much as it might dismay my daughter (and other family members) I can't help but think that the seat belongs to someone who will work for it.

I will say... if there were centerfold pictures of Martha Coakley (perish the visual image) from circa 1982 as there are of Scott Brown, I daresay we'd have a different candidate. That's a double standard you really can't deny. :)

Everett said...

The first I had heard or seen anything about Brown being a model in his earlier years, was on the CBS evening news tonight! Now they showed MOST of his body, but when it got right down to the "crucial areas", it was blacked out! Now I wonder if in the original photo was he wearing some sort of "minimal cover" and the CBS MSM in their inimitable style just wanted you to THINK he was naked! Damn, there are ladies parading up and down the beach here on the Island all summer in not much more than three bandaids! I keep looking but can't quite remember why I should?

Anonymous said...

Brown wins! In Massachusetts! There is still hope. Maybe now congress will slow down and stop trying to ram Obama's HS down America"s throat. This is an historic night!