Rats deserting a sinking ship!

Just a short one this time. I see two more of the "faithful" have jumped off the fantail of the ship of state headed by the o man! That makes four now by my tally and I hope it is wrong and way too low.

I guess old Chris Doood, er Dodd,can feel the heat from the on fire engine room reaching up and warming his ass! I hope the few honest people left in the Connecticut State Attorney Generals Office actually do their job and prosecute this outright crooked SOB. Hold his feet to the fire as well as his ass! He and is ass buddy Barney Frank are the two MOST RESPONSIBLE for the disaster we are now experiencing! Hang the bastard and hang him high. I know The Bush regime did it all, all by themselves with no help from the dumocrats. But if you go back and look, you'll find that the oh so nasty GWB warned those two clowns not once, twice, or even a dozen times about what they were doing, but 17 TIMES!! All to no avail as you can see.

Oh well, I can't wait for tomorrows news reports! Maybe we'll get real lucky and 'The Nancy" and Reid will do the "right thing" and either retire, resign or at least DIE! TIFN


tracy said...
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Sam said...

Umm, I think you got spammed too, Ev.

As to the mid-term elections, it is pretty much a fact that the ruling party loses significant numbers of seats. Mr. Dodd also made the mistake of offending his Connecticut voter base. There are several others who also plan to retire, maybe not as well known.

Oh, and the CT Attorney General is running for his seat - I doubt he'll sue his opponent. It ain't ethical, ya know.

If you want to spread some blame around, Alan Greenspan and Bernanke are the ones that should have been taken out back and taught a lesson behind the woodshed. I tend to agree that the lending policies under Dodd made it even worse, though.

Old NFO said...

Doody, er Dodd among others...
Vote them ALL out in 2010 and 2012!

Everett said...

You know Sam when I wrote that thing up above, I had no idea the state Attorney General was the guy in line to steal that senate seat! What a friggin farce! Time to use my brandy new Sig 226 in 357 Sig on some "Varmits"