New Highway

I see that there is a nice new dirt road here on the Island. I'm assuming, (bad thing to do), that it was one of the Conservancy groups that owns the old Preston Dunn property out on the cliffs past Black Rock, that had it built. I'm told it was done so that rescue vehicles could access that property from the main road. It certainly was a risk too the vehicles if you went in through Snake Hole road. So after all that work, I understand that it will be blocked off to anyone else but Conservancy and or service/rescue vehicles. I have also heard throught the inimitable BI grapevine that they are concerned about the proliferation of "rogue trails" on that property and that they intend to restrict access to that form of trespass also. So if all the property owners who own the Snake Hole road access suddenly decide to restrict travel over their right of way too just homeowners and service vehicles, where does that leave all the would be fishermen, surfer dudes, and sunday walkers nee birdwatchers. I was always under the impression that this "preserved" land was for the use of the public, but only in ways that didn't destroy the reasons it was saved in the first place!

What is up with all these Conservation groups? Most times shortly after they acquire a piece of the Island, it becomes off limits to the general public except on their own strict rules that "let" you trespass. Witness the old Beane property and Hodge properties. For years my family used to go out there, the Beane property, with their permission, to have picnics swimming, clamming etc. Shorty after the confiscation by the Feds, it turned into a private little "get-a-way" enclave strictly for their use and little signs popped up all over the beach threatening you with prosecution if you dared to trespass on "their" land. For generations the original owners let Islanders travel over their land freely as long as you closed the gates etc. after yourself. Now you have to practically have to have a signed pass from god, whoever that is. Comments anyone? TIFN


the almighty said...

I'm not commanding signed passes.
I call this place heaven because we don't have any bureaucracy.
The Almighty aka God.
btw..keep up the good work!

Everett said...

To the guy who emailed me. Yeah that is a common occurence out here. I know a lot of people who have bought big pieces of land, put up a big house and then give the "conservation rights" to one of the conservation outfits. And as you said, they then escape paying taxes on the land at full value. What really pisses me off about the whole deal is that they then laugh and chortle and tell you gleefuly how they are screwing the rest of us. It's a good thing I'm to old to do some of the things I'd like to do! Did you ever of hear of a thing called Jewish Lightning? I'll be in deep poo for saying that I'll bet. Oh well keep talking folks, I'm listening!TIFN