This Will Elicit a Giggle!

I was online checking up on a tax question with the wonderful State of RI and came across this little gem!

The law requires dealers of illegal drugs to purchase tax stamps from the Rhode Island Division of Taxation and have them affixed to marijuana or other controlled substance packets, bags, bottles, etc. Holders of drugs seized without the appropriate tax stamps are subject to an assessment plus a penalty equal to 100% of the tax. The tax rates are as follows:

$400.00 on each 10 dosage units of a controlled substance that is not sold by weight or portion thereof.

What I want to know is, Who is the guy that goes to all the dealers and checks for the stamps? I want that job.


The Warbler said...

and here I thought the only reason marijuana wasn't legal was because the government hadn't found a way to tax it yet.

Sam said...

Hmm, maybe they hadn't figured out the right "dosage" either!

Just remember, government is a constant struggle between policy weenies and teckie wonks.

Some times it works, sometimes not.

Ex-Manissean said...

Maybe they are getting ready to get their fair share from the cancer patients or their suppliers if they ever vote it legal for medicine. Though it does sound like an idea a state like your neighbor, 'Taxachusetts' would come up with.

Catbiri said...

Oh My. I googed it right after reading this. NE had me laughing out loud with theirs... heh


Anonymous said...

Block Island is now the 367th most expensive Zip Code in the United States in terms of the price of houses.

real world said...

What can you expect?
It's a beautiful island with a finite amount of land.

Life is not much better on mainland RI, especially along the coast. Must 'beginner homes' around Wakefield are over 300,000. Condos tend to be in the same bracket.
Condos closer to the beaches here start around 600,000.
Welcome to the East coast housing crisis.
I work with teachers who can't locate affordable houses on mainland RI.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty that soon we will all be displaced by rich people from off island.

Mary Juana said...

So... the solution to all of this is to take up smokin' and then you'll have even less money but you won't care!

Sam said...

I did consider buying a "love shack" on Block Island, but the $600K for a fixer-upper was a little steep. For $200K I bought something down here on the Texas coast. It didn't have to be "winterized," either! If we were smart our family would have invested back in the 70's when land on the Island was ... gosh you tell me ...

real world said...

anonymous 4/28
That's a bit fatalistic.
Why dismiss all the work that islanders have done to insure the building of moderate/low income housing projects? For the record, it's a better program with nicer housing units then some similar attempts on the mainland. I wish we had some of those projects here on the mainland...then I could buy some housing in the South County area.
Realize that in light of the affordable housing shortage facing the Northeast, that Block Island has some very fine housing projects... it's not as bleak as you paint it.
real world

Sam said...

Good point. Frankly, many folks are a little envious because Block Island is starting to "figure it out" with respect to housing. Things do not happen overnight and the seemingly small steps are actually huge innovations, even for Block Island. Congrats!

Remember that landscaper fella that grew tons of Mary Jane on the Island? Went down big time.