New Swimming Pool!

Yep! I've got one IN my house this year. First we bitched all winter about how far we were behind in the accumulated water department. "The ground water level is going down fast" we cried! "OMg we might have water problems again this summer" we lamented. Well guess what? For anyone not living along the RI shore, we have reduced our water deficit to an over abundance of same commodity! I'm up to my ass in it down in my new pool. eerr, cellar! Pumps and vacuums going full bore and all of my model planes want to become amphibians. For the last eight days I believe, we have not even had a glimpse of the sun. It must be restricted to SPI in Texas where Sam, the Wiff&Poofs guy, says it was up to 100 the other day. Or was that 100% hum-ditty? But that would be rain huh? duh.

Anyway, I keep on trucking,aah bailing, and hope that we will soon be able to put out the tomato and pepper plants that are threatening to break through the glass of the greenhouse in order to find some sun. Onward and Upward! TIFN


The Warbler said...


We've only had six days of rain. Wanna borrow one of my extra pumps?

Sam said...

Hi Warbler! Hey Ev, we have a 50% chance of serious Hum-Ditty tonight. This would be either a hit (called a "turd floater") or yet another complete miss. Sounds like you need some hefty 10 or 20-GPM pumps, maybe two of 'em!

Oh, this is cool, I check up on BI at

aquabot said...

Beware of accumulation of dried mud and little algae on the bottom which grows up very fast with the rainy water.