Sweepin' and such

Some of you might know that for the last three of four months, I have been volunteering some time at the school to sweep the new gym floor on a daily basis. It has amazed me just how much crap gets tracked onto it! One day while the new addition was nearing completion, I was engaged in conversation with one of the members of the School Committee and he was lamenting the lack of someone who could keep the the building in good repair and looking good. He said that, that someone needed to go through the building to discover just exactly what was wrong with it and how to get it fixed. So I told him I'd think about it for awhile and see if I could suggest someone. No names came to mind in over three weeks but one. Mine!

So I undertook to do as he requested and with the, tenous agreement of the S/C, have rooted around in all the little "holes" in the basement and every nook and cranny I could get myself into. What it all amounts to is that we have a brand new $7 M addition to an $8-10 M older building put together in two building episodes,that is in dire need of lots of tender loving care. Over the years the lack of someone dedicated to the upkeep and repair of the physical plant, has lead to it's being on the verge of becoming unusable. There is a huge list of things that need to be fixed/repaired. Some of them need to be done yesterday!

So this coming monday evening I'll be bringing my pile of problems and reccomendations to the S/C for some sort of resolution.It will take some soul searching on each of their parts to come to a decision that will hopefully put the old place back on a track that will see it still useful to the future generations of Island kids. I went to that school for all of my twelve years of public education, and I hope it will be there for my grandchildrens grandchildren. A lot of really fine people started on their road to elucidation in that beautiful old building.TIFN

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Sam said...

Hey Everett are you sure you want to jump into something that could show lots of minor and some major problems with the old part of the school's physical plant?

Yeah, I thought you were just the man. Good luck with the S/C.