New Hampshire Dreamin'

Is obama really as stupid as he appears to be?

Back in 08 he said he'd been to all 57 states! Hell, I haven't even been to a lot of them, and I can't even find the other seven that he has been too! I think he was talking about those ones out west near la la land. Let's see, The State of Confusion?, The State of Disorganization?, The State of Disorientation?, The State of Stupidity? The State of Unreality ?!!

Well last night he was in at least two of them and thought he was in a third! He was in RI, thought he was in NH and was really in the state Confusion! Oh Yeah, he was probably tired from all his flying around exhorting the faithful to keep the crooks in DC.

What an ass we have for a President. Shirhan Shihran, Lee harvey, where are you and your cohorts? TIFN

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Old NFO said...

No, we just need him to go out quietly in Jan 2013 as a failed one term president...