Mr Lincoln Chaffee- NOT in his fathers image!

I have been following all the votes of our junior senator and am very dissapointed in what I've seen. He seems to have fallen right into the clutches of the good old Libs. He was the ONLY Republican to vote today, for the "re-deployment" of troops in Iraq. The only one of 39 others all dems. Sounds like he wants to be one.

He has also been sitting on a bill, in his committee, that would end forever that wonderful "death" tax wherein your family has to pay a tax to the government because you had the bad luck or audacity to up and croke out! Bad enough you're gone from them forever, but they rub salt in the wounds by making you sell the house you live in to pay the damned tax! I tell my kids that when it happens to me and they can't pay the money, burn the friggin' house down and ship them some ashes! House ashes that is, not me!

Then there is the issue of him voting for bills with all those wonderful things called "earmarks" whereby any senator can just add on ANY AMOUNT of money they wish for some project in their district and there is NEVER any debate on the subject! Even if voting against such a bill would deprive your own State from gaining some money for a project,I personally think that it would be the right thing to do! Also the MORAL thing to do! Maybe if enough of the people in the Congress had the intestinal fortitude to do this and to hell with the consequences, maybe the people of this country might begin to gain a little more respect for the politicians who they sent down there to look out for their intrests! But NOT at the expense of other folks in the country. Because of people like Congressman Jefferson, Patrick Kennedy and his dumbshit father and quite a few others of questionable integrity, the faith of millions of people in the ability of these bent people to govern us equitably, has been irrepairably damaged. I have absolutely NO regard for nine tenths of the people down there. Chaffee has to go and that is why I WILL vote for Laffey in the primaries. If he doesn't live up to his promises, out he goes on his ass in six years. That should be long enough for anybody anyway. After that, to many "good ole boy" alliances get formed to the detriment of us all. Any bill that comes before them should be debated and voted on strictly on it's merits and not because you 'owe' someone a vote from a previous bill of your choices passage.

So come on all you sinners! Out with the old and corrupt! In with the new and not-quite-so-corrupt!! Another rant to follow some day. TIFN


Ditto on that! said...

Am so tired of the assumption by our general population that the offspring of an intelligent,dedicated mom or dad will automatically be as talented as the parents were. Also, what's in a name? We all know that many can be bought by a cup of coffee and/or a donut. Taking my chances with Laffey also. He is tough on" waste spending" and although he has had to take some very unpopular steps to clean up the messes of his predecessors in Cranston, he has had the "unmitigated gall" to do so and I applaud him for that. By the way, I am one of those stressed out tax payers in Cranston but I can see the light at the end of the "s--- shute" through his hard line stance on what must be done to dig out. Does ontogeny always recapitulate phylogeny?

Anonymous said...

Laffy should be our next Senator. The problem is that he won't be. He has a good chance at winning the primary, but an awful one at winning the general election. The truth is that Chafee has a much better chance against Whitehouse than Laffey. Everett, by voting for Laffey, you are almost guaranteeing that Rhode Island will have 2 democrats as Senators.

Everett said...

Well that purely sucks! I don't want to be the cause of another dem in the senate. But I see where you are coming from. Did you see all those vocal senators who absolutely hate detest and deplore the war in Iraq when it came time to put their money where their mouths are? Election time is coming boys. Time to talk out of both sides of their mouth! Spout off about how bad GWB is and bad mouth him every day, but don't go too far 'cause a lot of our constituents still agree with him no matter how bad we rag on him!!
Another thing that bugs the hell out of me is these "polls" that the MSM rambles on about all the time telling us how close to the bottom of the shit pile GWB is. The thing they don't tell you is that these "random polls" are taken in the heart of democrat enclaves in all these cities. I think I have to go puke now!TIFN