Graduation Day at B.I. High

Well here it is another Graduation day on Old BI. Another batch of kids off on their journey through the rest of their lives. I haven't been to a graduation since the last of my four kids began their journey. I was the Chairman of the School Committee at the time, or maybe had just quit after twelve years of doing that job. Can't remember that far back. Anyway it was twenty years ago. So it occured to someone in the school to check and see who the people were who graduated fifty years ago. This is something they have done for quite some time,e.g. mention their names at the present graduation. Every once in a while I would see the names in the paper or have it mentioned in passing. Imagine my chagrin when my name turned up on the list for this year! For the first time in quite a while it really got hammered home just exactly how damned ancient I have become in the intervening period! Damn! 50 years ago! Plus the 17 I spent before that event! Evn i wid mi nw lemitid metal cipassidy caan mak that coom oud two 92! err, 62? 67! thas id!!

So anyway I have been invited to attend this year and will be going. If for no other reason other than to re-inforce to myself that I'm still here on top of the dirt, looking down! I expect that one other of my classmates will be in attendance and that would be Marcelene Conley Mazzur. Of the other three, I know not where two of them are, but the third one, Bob Cyr is somewhere in RI. Hope he makes it. I kind of hope this post will give you reason, as it did me, to think back to a time when things were a lot less hectic than this frenetic time that we now live in. I find myself rushing about doing all the things I want to do before the man with the black hooded suit and the scythe catches up with me! Go too your local school graduation, even if you don't know any of the graduates, and just look at the faces of all those young faces, filled with exuberance and joy, as they head out on their trip through life. It will re-energize you mentally, at least until it's time to take your afternoon nap!! TIFN

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Sam said...

You're lucky to have a high school that still exists today, Everett. I went to like three and ended up at a private school for wayward half-ass genius misfits ... that has since gone out of business. The Hammonassett School, Madison, CT.