They're Back!!

Well here it is not even summer yet, and already the blood pressure starts to rise whenever I get in the car to go somewhere. What's the reason you may want to know? Well it is "THOSE PEOPLE" who can't for the sake of their own lives, figure out which side of the road to walk on, or in some cases ride a bike on! Now a lot of these folks are high priced exec's and people who can do complicated calculations in the business world. So I have finally come to a conclusion that was told to me quite a few years ago by an old BI resident. It goes like this. "Apparently, every car that comes to the dock in Pt Judith, is handed a 1, 2, or 3 quart Mason jar, according to the size of the head. Directly after being handed said container, the driver of the car removes his brain and puts it in the jar, and then puts it under the front seat of the car. There it remains for the entire time of the owners sojurn on the Island!" I HEARTLY CONCUR!! TIFN Everett


Sam said...

Good to hear you again Everett! Hey, in our recent visit we rented bikes and I must confess we were part of the problem for a day or two. Lori and I hadn't been on a bike in decades but the kids flew out ahead ... and drew a warning for blasting through the stop sign at the Police Station. The officer lady was very nice, but said you really should stop, walk the bike across the road, and carry on.

My little steed was not quite broke in and tried to throw me several times. "Whoa, Trigger!" I yelled as I dodged the walkers, cars, taxis, and mopeds. I mean, people would jump off the sidewalk right into Trigger's path and frighten him and he'd start buckin' like a bronco.

Poor Lori, meanwhile, had to stay about a quarter mile behind us. Her mare was a little more staid and tame, although stuck in 10th gear and always wanted to head back to the barn. You might have seen some of the loop-de-loops where she had to turns its head back to the desired direction.

So the rest of us went on ahead and we stopped every half mile or so as Lori walked her horse up another hill. By the time we made it from the Oar to the Manisses we all were a little saddle sore. After a few days of that we were blistered and sore in places we never knew possible. We walked funny. Lori preferred to leave her horse locked up in the barn, and refused to ride a bike ever again in her life. [I think she might have done some damage way back there where we couldn't see her.] Smart girl.

The two kids and I rode for a few more days and then we found out you could get a free ride from the hotel vans (tips) or for a cheap taxi ride. On the final day, we delivered the bikes back to the rental shop by the Oar. It took two shots because the gals wouldn't ride 'em anymore. Those ponies knew the jig was up, and that we were thinking about glue factories ....

blockislandblog said...

I've been talking about the proposed mandatory helmet law for all bike riders on the Island on my blog. They want to prevent brain damage. But if they ARE leaving their brains on the other side, maybe they don't need the helmets after all. If they are carrying their brains with them, maybe a nice bump on the head will knock some sense into them. (Nothng life-threatening of course.

warbler88 said...

Look, if Mackinac Island (ever been there? It's GORGEOUS!) can ban motor vehicles of all types, why can't we just ban all vehicles non motorized? Then we don't have to worry about those stupid helmets, barn sour "ponies" or -dare we go there - ministers with silly walks ever again! Folks will be forced to use taxis, cars, jitneys and...and...well, you get the idea.

Sam said...

Well, I was hoping that folks found what I wrote as humor, but I guess I'm not very good at it! You embellish the facts, have a good time, try to be like Dave Barry in a funny column and ... OK enough of that. No laughs, no dice.

I can see how one would want to ban all bicycles, mopeds, and so forth.

I can also see how one would ban all vehicles on the Island except for the card-carrying locals and delivery trucks.

Either way, some business is going to get hurt. I remember several years ago somebody tried to sell the idea of "carrying capacity" of the Island in terms of cars, buses, taxis, bicycles, mopeds, and whatever.

Obviously, it did not work. I do remember, though, that sometimes the Great Salt Pond was "closed" when there were more than 5,000 boats counted. Perhaps you need a similar concept for the land-based traffic.


warbler88 said...

Oh, Sam, I DID think you were funny. I guess we just dove right in to the nitty gritty instead.