Busy Days of Summer

I have tried to get back to this blogging business a few times recently, but there is just too much going on these days. So I would inform all that posts will be few and far between for most of the summer or until I finally run out of things to work on around the house and grounds. Hah! That won't happen anytime soon! Hope every one has a good summer and check us out once in a while to see if anything has happened. In the mean time, go to Block Island Blog to keep up with another point of view. See you now aqnd again! TIFN Everett


Sam said...

Good to heard from you Everett. I seem to remember that summer on Block Island is a little slow off the starting blocks - and what a wierd spring this year! I sure hope you can get past those @#$%! doctors and have fun with the folks & grandkids. Oh, we just picked out first tomatos and the peaches ought to be ready in 2 weeks if the birds don't get 'em all. Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Nothing to say about the horrible situation up at the medical center Everett?

Sam said...

Gosh, I read the online BI Times and was shocked. Man, once you get a good doctor you need to keep him. I don't know the personalities and all, but I "fired" two GP's just like Donald Trump would, until I found a good one. Much happier. A keeper.

May I add something I wanted to say but was not appropriate for the newspaper or an email? Shad. Martha Ball's old dog. I felt so bad and then she wrote such a moving column and another - it was so full of emotion. I've been busted up about losing dogs but that was like losing the Island mascot or something.

And if Martha had a blog she would definitely be tops.

To me, shad meant the annual shad run on the Connecticut River. Fishes they are, giant herrings. I think they still have festivals in Essex or Old Saybrook. Old timers used to split them and roast them on a shingle. To this day, there are still three or four old timers that set nets for the nightly shad runs on the incoming tide. It was not small tree with white flowery stuff; it was the fish, and lots of them - the true signal the Spring had truly arrived. Locals would not plant crops until just after the Shad Run.

Shad is much more than you would think.

Everett said...

Too Tuesday,5/31 9:44pm Yeah I have something to say, go to 6/1/05 on the Block Island Blog and there it is under,"is it too Late?" And BTW, when is everyone going to stop hiding behind these anonymous tags and put up a recognizable moniker? I hate answering these damned time stamps!

Everett said...

Hey Sam, When you get those peaches to the almost ripe stage, pull a couple off and split them down the middle and put 'em on the grill! Some good! But I expect you Texicans have already figured that trick out.
I also just bought me a big time smoker from a company down there in Tejas called Pitts and Spitts. I don't get it for another FOUR WEEKS though! I'll be starved to death by then. Keep up the fight down there, Beachs, Roads,Loading ramps etc. Doug Mott said to say hi , so HI!!! TIFN Everett

Sam said...

Well roast my peaches, I NEVER would have thought of that! I'll take you up on it.

As to your BBQ smoker, I'm jealous. I got a fancy-schmancy propane grill but it doesn't smoke right - and why do those gas jets rust out after exactly 2 years? I'm about ready to head for the wood and charcoal method, heck with all that rusty tin! [Not anything against propane, OK, just that the salt eats up the parts.] Ah, summer! 80 degrees on Sunday??????????

Hi back to Doug and you. -Sam

Sam said...

I'm not going to sat anything tacky or bad about the doctor situation. Nope. I feel like a private practice would be better, using some local funds - without any boards or such and such. See, doctors hate paperwork and they hate politics even worse. The key is for the doctor to hire a really top-botch secretary - sorry, I'm not going to use the "office administrator" monniker here, since administrators are not good in this context. Why on Earth you have a board or commission to regulate two doctors is way beyond anything practical, practicable, or justified. It is just not done anywhere else in the world. I can see why no doctor would want to serve Block Island unless they were interning in the summer.

But you do need a young doctor to get interested in working on Block Island, even in private practice, since it is obvious that the "good" doctor is 70 and needs a rest from 24/7 duties. Such a person would be cultivated and helped along the way. They need to be evaluated as to whether they love us and whether we love them.

Just remember, doctors hate paperwork, and politics even worse. The idea of socialized, board-controlled medical services is completely at odds to how the profession has evolved and, if Block island does nothing, you will literally suffer. Let the free market system work, for a change, and send the board back home. Add a subtle but swift kick for me, OK?


Sam said...

I saw Verna's response on the BIB and while some of what I wrote was OK, the last part was way out of line. My apologies. -Sam