Second Step Complete!

Well the "_Supreme_? Court" just took the second step in the gradual stripping away of rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution. The Fifth Amendment is now on it's way out the door. Every local crooked politician and Administrator will be holding open their pockets just waiting for the also crooked developers to stuff them full of cash! I can't believe that those nine people who are supposedly so 'learned' can give away what was earned at such a cost, so blithely. I had always thought that their job was to interpert what was "ACTUALLY WRITTEN DOWN" on that piece of paper? Not, what these 'oh so far Left leaning' nine THOUGHT the original framers MIGHT have been thinking! They cannot know that! Even though in their own minds it has become apparent that they believe they are clairvoyant.
The first step was and is the introduction of the McCain-Fiengold act that is still in the process of wending it's way through the halls of Congress. When it gets through, say good bye to this medium as an uncensored right to express your thoughts, as well as the daily papers. Well, actually the New York Times and the Washington Post wouldn't be such a great loss. Maybe some other at the least "objective" papers could take up the slack!
And while we are here, I think that during the next round of Senatorial elections, it would do the country as a whole a great service, to unseat the currently entrenched, petulant, do nothing, and whiney,occupants of the "worlds most exclusive boys club", and replace them with people who truly have the values and needs of the people of this country foremost in their minds. Immigration, Social Security, and a host of other problems that never get resolved because "the Boy's" are busy playing one up manship,CYA, and making your opponent out to be an incompetent ass! On that last count, almost all of the present crop of idiots qualify with a 4.0 GPA! TIFN


warbler88 said...

Now, don't mince your words, Everett, tell us how you really feel.

Anonymous said...

Everette, you'd love this web site


Everett said...

Thanks to the anonymous for putting me on to the freestarmedia site! I am even thinking about donating some money so that sometime in the future I moght be able to go the hotel and have lunch in the "Just Desserts Cafe"! That whole project would serve the bastards right. TIFN