Woodwinds, and forms of "Wind"

One wonders why Mr. Wood would launch his tirade against Mrs. Balser with such "messianic" and vitriolic zeal by using an oxymoron! "Facts", and by inference, "invented facts" just doesn't compute. So having started off under a misapprehension,it is no wonder he continues in the same vein. Could he have used a less derrogatory word than "aping" in his description of the methods used to obtain grants? Certainly he could have, but that would have lessened the impact of his salacious statement!

Mrs. Balser has nothing to be "apologetic" about. After all she is trying to obtain for twenty, that is 20 familes, some decent housing that they can call their own, and that they can bring up their kids in, have Christmas mornings in, Thanksgiving dinners, birthday parties and sleep overs in. Just exactly what is your contribution to these people going to be Mr. Wood? You "loudly" and "pompously" claim to be the "champion" of "something" or "everything", but just what I can't figure out. You took a LOT of "literary license" in vilifing her and claiming that her view of the Conservation Triumvirate is that they are "greedy"! Those are YOUR words Mr. Wood, she never said that, YOU DID!

So in conclusion Mr.Wood, the other form of "wind" I see emanating from your Woodwind World is the result of certain biological and chemical processes that eventually emerge as FLATULENCE, which is ALL that your tirade amounts to!

Everett R Littlefield
Old Town Road

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Anonymous said...

I found Mr. Woods' letter amusing in that as past owner, publisher and editor of the Block Island Times, a newspaper, he took literary license whenever he felt like it. He used the only newspaper (the paper of record) to express his opinions (editorials) and to ridicule people (the famous letters to the editor). Is it the pot calling the kettle black?

I am sure Mr. Wood has had some education in economics. When land comes on the market the BIC and TNC evaluate it's preservability. If it fits into thier plan, they attempt to acquire it. So instead of competing with Jo Schmo from Long Island, we are competing with Jo and a powerful organization (lawyers, money, tax breaks, etc.).
And then there are small parcels of land with no significance to the Island at large, perfect for an Island person to buy, but Mr. Rich doesn't want someone to build a house next door to him, so he approaches the conservancy and offers a large donation (not enough to buy the property, but a good down payment) if the Conservancy buys it, and if it works out they do.
What does the conservancy want with a piece of land like this. (A good example is the former Carley lot on the West Side, across from Carol Browns'. The only living creatures who enjoy this lot are the herd of deer who live there.)

Maybe Mr. Wood has been kneeling at the altar of conservation too long to realize that these organizations HAVE had a profound effect on the affordabilty of property. Having conservancy land next door is a marketable quality that will increase your property value. DUH!
No one says conservation is bad, but it does affect land prices. I think Mary Jane was accurate in naming this as a factor. And if it came under scrutiny, any real estate agent will tell you it is.
Mr. Wood, and all of you other retirees who don't see why we need to help out the young people, or that you don't want a housing development in your back yard (see Mr. Aspbury's letter in this weeks Times) , realize maybe you've lost touch with the fact that the population of Block Island is in danger of becoming a retirement community. Is that why you fell in love with Block Island? Because you'd have plenty of tennis partners? The younger set on this Island have alot to offer if you'd open your minds long enough to see it.