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This is from a brand new blogger, just found out what one was a few weeks ago. Where would I go to find others disaffected with the biased, reporting of the national news media, or is this not the place to ask. I live on an Island off the east coast and other than going out in my yard and screaming at the trees, I get have no other outlet to vent my displeasure of the one sided and absolutely awful manner in which the media presents material. I'm off for now. Sincerely in need of venting, Everett


Ex-Manissean said...

Hi Everett! Ex-year round resident here. I havent lived on the Block in 15 years (or been able to visit either) and you would probably barely remember me if you knew my name. If you're curious, I can E-mail it to you. As to your question on Alternate News sources and views instead of the Mainstream Media, if your political tastes lean to the left there is democraticunderground.com, since your ex-military you might find sites like drudgereport.com, belmontclub.com or littlegreenfootballs.com more to your liking. Another site that contains a lot of Military, Intelligence and political analysis is strategypage.com
good luck and good reading!

Anonymous said...

I think Everett might enjoy the bunkerMulligan blog better! Check6

Everett said...

Hi Ex-Manissean, Sorry about not getting back sooner. I sure would like to hear from you thru the e-mail route. I think I posted it somewhere else but am not sure. Things are getting soft up there. It is: elittle@verizon.net. I have written the names of your suggestions down and will give a look to each ASAP. During the tsunami crises, I somehow got logged onto the first blog I'd ever seen. It was called Indiauncut and it was absolutely fascinating to read the day to day and sometimes hour to hour happenings of the victims. This guy was on the ground virtually hours after it happened and kept up a running commentary for days. You might want to check it out. This guy Amit is one hell of a writer. Regards, Everett