A Blustery Day on the Many Acred Island

This is for all the BI afficianados who are UNfortunate enough to be away from here right now. When I got up this AM and looked out my window, surprise, I couldn't! So I poked my head out the door and my driveway had disappeared under a blanket Santas favorite form of precipitation! It has been snowing hard all night with the wind gusting to 60+ mph. I'm sure there are some hellacious drifts in many places today. Haven't heard one snowplow in the nite. They usually always manage to wake me. I assume they are either in the garage safe and sound or buried in the aforementioned drifts along the road somewhere. It is a good thing that we have a lot of backhoes and bull dozers 'cause I think they are going to get a good work out pushing stuff other than dirt!
Just checked the Hartford radar loop and it looks like we are still in the center of a huge counterclockwise rotating band of snow that extends out to about 150 mioles in all directions. It also appears to be sitting virtually DIW, i.e. dead in the water! Well if we don't all die of starvation, loneliness, or kill each other from bad cases of cabin fever, "I'll be back" so sayeth Arnold S. TTFN Everett


Anonymous said...

I was forntunate enough to have the wind blow a perfect 10 to 20 foot circle around the perimeter of my house. Grass is showing. The only place I have snow that is inconvenient is the 3 foot high drift that fills the last 10 feet of my driveway. Oh well. At least I had power when I woke up. Did get hairy when the power had been out for 4 or so hours and the cold was creeping in. When it did come back on at 3am, I cranked the heat just in case it went out again. My friends down the neck were without coffee and heat (not sure which was missed more.) As for the driveway... I don't have anywhere to go anyway.
PS I heard a Bipco truck took a swim last night. Now that's a crisis.

Murphy said...

Dear Mr. Littlefield,

It was a great surprise to hear about your blog. A pleasant one. Not only is it good to hear that someone is finally filling the information void with well-written, first-person accounts from Block Island, but it’s especially welcome since it comes from a real Islander.

I’m also glad it comes from you since I feel like I know you in a way. When I was a kid I used to pore over a copy of the 1961 High School yearbook that we had in our summer house. (Which, by the way, was built by Omar Littlefield).

The yearbook had great articles about Island history and fascinating pictures of old ferries and familiar looking people.

Those pictures still remind me of some of my earliest memories from long summers I was lucky enough to spend on the Island with my parents. Memories like spending a day watching Weldon Dodge work on our old Oldsmobile, or playing bingo in what seemed to be a cavernous hotel room, or getting tossed on rough seas on the Sprigg Carroll.

Because of that yearbook I’m not entirely sure what is a real memory and what is a story I imagined as a kid.

One source of endless fascination was the section on graduating seniors. I could tell a lot about them just from the funny photos and the quotes they chose to include. I believe one of those seniors was you. If I remember correctly, you had a flattop, glasses and a smile in most pictures. Am I right or are you an older brother?

Please keep up the good work and know that people are reading and enjoying your blog.

Anyway, I think it's better to read about a winter storm on Block Island than experience one first hand.

Sharon said...

Everett, this is so nice. I was an island year round resident for ten years and find this very informative.

I always loved big storms on BI...not better place for them. Please tell Verna I said hello.

Sharon (Torrey) ONeill

Everett said...

Hi Mr. Murphy, Sorry about being so late with a response, but I've had continual problems with this damn computer! Its a great thing when it works right. It has been to Westerly and back more times than I care to count. As to the the funny looking guy in the 1961 yearbook, nope it wasn't me. I graduated five years earlier in '56. I did try to have one of those "brush" cuts, but because on my very pronounced widows peak, (that trasnslates to 'no hair') it was kind of invisible. Glad you enjoyed the site and please feel free to comment again. I have gotten tons of e-mails concering the blog, and have heard from people I haven't seen in 30 or more years!