Some Movement

Today there were four or five soccer teams from the mainland and a couple of ours that had the annual tournament  that has been played here for a few years. There were a couple of comments I overheard about how nice the field was. Green Grass! I guess brown is the standard at a lot of the mainland fields.

Well we  put up a good fight and one of our teams advanced to the finals. Won? or not? don't know, had to leave.

The goal of reaching $35K for the underground sprinkler system is well on it's way and is presently at $26+K. So if you can find a few spare dimes in your pocket that no one else has a claim on, please send them to the Ian Kortbek Fund, attn: Heinz Field Fund. T'will be much appreciated.

OBTW, has anyone noticed how all the signs along the dunes on the Neck Road enjoining folks to stay OFF THE DUNES are being completely ignored? No you say? Then you must be blind! It is just steady traffic all day long with nary a thought given to the consequences to the Island or their pocketbook. Oh yeah that's right, there ARE no consequences to the pocket! How about a nice $500 fine for the first offense and a nice round $1000 for the second? Might that give some of these folks pause?

The Town Council should get off it's collective ass and get a few more signs put up along with ones denoting the price you WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IGNORING THEM! Nah! Can't do that! It might hurt someones feelings,and we all know how absolutely necessary it is to respect everyone else's feeling no matter how how egregious they may be!

I know there are only two people reading this but it did my old heart good to get it out there. Maybe I will send this one to the paper also. TIFN


Old NFO said...

That's great news Ev! I'll see if I can send a little something along to them. And the ONLY way to get people's attention these days is to hit them in the pocketbook... sigh

Everett said...

Hey Jim, Just got an update a couple hours ago from my son, and at the game yesterday he scored a check for $500.00, one for $2000.00, and one for $5000.00!!! Unbelievable! And they are now over the top with some to spare for unseens. Thank you so very much for your offer, but it would be better given to a family you might know of who is it need. Thanks again Shipmate!

Old NFO said...

That is OUTSTANDING Ev! Good on them for stepping up!!! And yeah, I'll give it to the Chris Kyle fund over at American Snipers.