Rhode Island-Still the home of the dumbest people in the USA!

I don't know how one large group of people can be so stupid over and over again. For the last 85 years they have been electing the same crooked politicians and their descendants that their grandparents did.

We have had an inordinate amount of crooked Judges, Mayors, Councilmen, DA's, AG's, etc., etc..

We have three people, Democrats, all vying for the Governors office. Of the three, if I was a Dem, I think I'd vote for Riamondo. Taveras is probably just as able as any of the others to continue the downward slide of this state. They all claim to have some great solution to our problems but at the end of their term we are still in the same quagmire only a little  bit closer to going down for the count.

And then there is the third candidate. This guy has never lived in the state as a full fledged citizen. He only came here in the summer to visit his grandparents for a couple of weeks or so. He keeps spouting off about how we need to get back into the mainstream of jobs, lower taxes,blah, blah, blah! He says we need to get rid of the cronyism, nepotism, crooked bidding, insider politics and contract awarding that has held us back. He is yet to acknowledge that his grandfather was a part of the problem because he was one of the Senators who pushed through a lot of the bullshit laws that we are laboring under even today.

So here we have Mr. Claiborne Pell on the scene.  He comes funded by the millions of dollars left to him from his grandfather or his father. He was an officer in the USCG doing what I have no idea. But with his money and his family connections I would venture to say it was only whatever he wanted to do. A lot of people have  gone into politics practically destitute and retired from an $80-100 K job twenty or thirty years later a multi-millioaire. Wonder where and how they get all that money from sitting in a room in an office building just looking out for we little guys.

Apparently he doesn't want to work any harder than grandpa because he cannot hold a job for more than a year as he has eight different ones in just nine years! Not a very good record for someone who now wants to be the Governor of  this misbegotten state. He has no more experience at being a Governor  than that poser president we now have inhabiting the Whitehouse and issuing his dictatorial decree's.

So here we are, trying to figure out which one of these turkeys is going to be our fearless leader for the next four years and how far they will lead us further down the 85 year old sewer pipe! I have NO HOPE!!!   TIFN

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Old NFO said...

That truly sucks... Sounds like NONE OF THE ABOVE should be a ballot option...