Well here I sit after watching all the news about the big win for the Governor of Wisconsin. Seems as though he won by a total of 53%. That kind of tells me that despite all the millions of dollars of Union members money spent to oust him,that there are a lot more rational people in the state than there are tose of the Progressive,Liberal, Socialist, Communist bent!

 Now, wouldn't it be sweet if the Governor of this crooked little state was to follow in the foot steps of a REAL Governor? After all, didn't he run as an Independent so he wouldn't be beholden to all the various unions, pac's and other graft ridden politicians in this state?

 Then he starts a proceeding to stop the Feds from taking a local murderer form the arms of our oh so forgiving state because he would then be subject to the death penalty.

 He killed someone, an eye for an eye, if convicted, feed him his big dose of dope, rope, lead, or electrons, what ever they use in the place of his ultimate confinement.

Duh, I wrote this one a few days ago but didn't get chance to post it till now.  Was busy getting a camera threaded up an artery for a look-see into my inner-most workings. TIFN

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Old NFO said...

Good point Ev, but it IS RI you're talking about... Is there even an honest politician left??? And hope the check up went well!