The Dead Shall rise to vote again!

So I wonder if all the upright and totally honest election officials in this wonderfully un-corrupt state are going to get off their asses and get all the dead people off of our voting lists! You think it will happen?

How about all the illegal folks who populate our little haven on the water? Will they all be removed from the voting rolls? And the local environs? Doubtful.

Oh yeah, while these people are in the process of cleaning up our  lists of miscreants who try to vote, I wonder if they are also going to cut them off from their food stamps most probably illegally obtained and used.

When is the 99 weeks of unemployment  payments going to end? How did it ever get from 26 to 99?
When are Jack Reed and Shel Whitehouse going to stop feeding into only their voter base ,and start taking care of business for ALL the people of this state and not just the ones who keep voting for them and their handouts?

These two and those losers in the House need to be voted out of office and the next ones put in their places, monitored on a weekly basis to keep them on the track they said they would follow if we elected them!

If new people run for office, professing to do so only for egalitarian, and unselfish reasons, How do we vet them? And then assure ourselves that they are not straying from the straight and narrow?

It is a paradox and I have no idea how to solve it that doesn't include some kind of mayhem ?

But I will tell you one thing, I am heartily sick and tired of forking over all the tax money I have to pay in order for some lazy assed SOB to sit on his ass eating potato chips and watching his best bud "ohemmoroid" send this country down the drain while all his adoring public applauds him with one hand in my pocket.

Am I a bitter disillusioned old man? You bet your ass I am! TIFN

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