Why am I so Dumb?

There must be some kind of new flu strain out there that is affecting the brains of hundreds of thousands, make that millions of people in this country! The funny part is that they, the affectee's all seem to be of the most liberal persuasion!

I only have a twelfth grade education received here on this Island in the 40's and 50's. But somehow I am able to figure out that if you tax the very people who provide the capital, the ingenuity, the chutzpa, the guts,the brains, and most importantly the JOBS, if you tax them to the point they have no money left for R&D, new factories etc., there are going to be NO,NO new jobs available or created! Why does that very simple fact of life and business escape recognition by these folks? Just where the hell do they think all this money and new expertize is going to come from? Probably China and India and numerous other countries trying to fill the vacuum of scientific degrees that we used to provide to the world.

Our Universities and colleges have become so overloaded and packed with mentally corrupted, left leaning professors and teachers, that the last two or three generations of graduates have no idea of what the world is really about and how it works! You can't rewrite history on a daily basis and have young people try to sort the chaff from the wheat,(truth) when the people manipulating the thresher controls that sorts it out, all have a dementia problem! They all STILL think, contrary to scads of failed examples, that socialism in its purest form IS THE SALVATION OF MANKIND!! They still will not face the fact that it DOES NOT FRIGGIN' WORK!!! How many friggin' times are we "doomed to repeat the lessons of history" because of all the idiots we have in teaching positions continue to perpetrate the myth of Socialism? When are the rest of us going to rise up and throw the assholes out? Oh yeah, 'Tenure', the salvation of the halt, destitute(mentally), and corrupt! Well in this environment we are in now, it might be a good time to let the chaff be blown away in the winds of "Hope and Change"!!

BTW all you Obama lovers, How IS that Hope and Change working out for YOU? Up to your expectations? His already failed policies and lack of much of any meaningful accomplishments, has already vindicated my feeling that this guy is just a first class bullshitter and an empty suit that has made a career out of duping people. It amazes me that some "right wing whacko" hasn't already tried to clean his clock for him, permanently! Oh well, there is always 'Hope' for that needed 'Change' And oh yeah, just how many of his loudly proclaimed campaign promises has he negated, and/or not lived up to? About the only concrete one was to begin the clousure of Gitmo only now he can't find new homes for the bad boys down there. I wonder if it ever occured to the idiot that where they are is probably the best place in the world for them other than six feet under!! No crooks in my administration he said! (forgot to mention tax evaders, 5 or 6 of them), No Lobbyist's either,( got a few of them).The guy makes GWB look like a choir boy!This guy has lied and waffeled so much no one really knows where he stands on ANY subject! Iran? Irag? Isreal? NORK? Palastine? Honduras?, Venezuela?,He is in the process of countermaning the diplomacy of the last 40-50 years! The guy is a walking disaster!

So keep on stocking your larder and loading your arms 'cause it looks more and more each day that arnarchy is just around the corner! I DO HOPE that never comes to pass! TIFN


More money for the helpless and those that refuse to work!

Well the State of RI has finally gotten around to putting their hands deeper into your pockets. This time I'm talking about the pretty stiff increases in the cost of registering a car. For the last few years on my old 1994 Dodge caravan it has cost $21 for two years. Today I had to do it again and this time it was$61.50 for one year. Or at least I saw nothing that indicated it was for two. OH well folks, it ain't going to get nothing but worse for quite some time to come. See any new business' trying to relocate to this 'tax friendly' state? Thought not.

One of the local eatery owners mentioned to me that his business was down about 75% a day from last year! That is incredible and does not bode well for the rest of the summer. Of course the weather has been abyssimal for months and that could be a big part of the problem. Maybe better days will be coming, financial as well as weather. Here's hoping! TIFN


Cap and Trade

I can't believe that the people of this state keep on sending the four idiots we have an Reps. and Senators back to DC. I would hope that after the fiasco that is the Cap and Trade bill has time to sink into their brains and pocketbooks, they will finally come too their senses and realize just who it is those four turkeys are working for.It certainly is NOT US! Our Rep, Jim Langevin actually spoke on the floor about how happy he was to see this bill arrive on the floor for a vote and what a wonderful person the Nancy is for ramrodding up there. Doesn't he realize that Algore has gone underground? Probably to never be heard again on the subject of global warming? All of a sudden, every liberal person I know doesn't want to even talk about it, except for the rabid ones! What an ass! I hope he has other prospects for employment after the truth of this abomination sinks in. Reed, Whitehouse and Kennedy will, or already have fallen right in behind Jimmy L. The thing that really pisses me off is the fact that, NOT ONE SENATOR OR REP. has read this thing all the way through. They have no idea what it completely entails. They have speed readers to read it for them and give them a synopsis of its contents. Yeah, THAT really works! The ones, flunkies, who wrote the damned thing are telling the boss how to vote! How G.D. corrupt is that? And what a complete message of total disregard for the people of this state it sends! It is a total abrogation of the oath they swore too when they took office.

Well folks, besides the tea parties sweeping the country, there is another wave building momentum that we all need to join in on. It is called ABI and it means Anybody But the Incumbents!! It is a notion I fully and devoutly subscribe too and I would urge anyone who is fed up with this particular bunch of do nothing, care less, useless asses to adopt it also!

I think I will now go to bed and dream about thoughts of starvation and privation for all my grandkids as the reality of what these bums has wrought upon us ALL. TIFN