Are You All Ready?

Well now is time to stop blaming either GWB or O for the dire straits we now find ourselves in. If I read my history correctly, we started on the slippery slope when we refuted the Bretton accords I believe it was called and went off the gold standard. That was where all nations paid their debts to the others in gold bullion when asked to. Well we can't do that anymore and haven't been able to for decades! We have nothing behind our money anymore but the trees that they, Congress, turns into paper and then keeps on printing worthless money!

The chickens are on their way home to roost and I hope you all are going to be able to feed yourselves in the coming years. Especially after the O man and his minions go on their huge tax and spend bender. They want us to go right back to all the failed, or absymally expensive social programs instituted by their predecessors that have put us where we are now. So when the poo hits the rotating airfoil, don't anybody come to my door looking for a handout 'cause I'll probably be at yours knocking hard.


Love Him or Leave Him, It's Done!!

Well now the real fun begins! Do you think he will have Billy become the new UN ambassador? He could do a lot of "under the table" work up there. He is real good at that. How about Hillary as the US AG? She IS a lawyer right? Impartial and fair minded as King Solomon! Yep thats Hillary. Jesse Jackson would fit right in at the Defense Dept as the Secretary there! He could bullshit all our enemies into "feeling our pain" and backing off on the jihad stuff. Al Sharpton, now he would make the perfect person to run that new government office called, "The Department of Homeland Graft and Disservice"! Billy Ayers, Hmmm what to do with him? I know! they can get Justice Roberts to kill himself like Vince Forster and then make HIM the arbiter of all things concerned with that newest document, the Declaration of Subservience! It was found underneath the other one! Just waiting for the right person to come along and find and implement it!
Katie Couric should become the Treasurer of the US and do it for free! She has been gushing over the omessiah for two years without ever having the thought occur to her that SHE is in the moronic group who her hero is going to gut! Or could it be that ALL THOSE DEMOCRATIC MILLIONAIRES in the congress have already hidden away their money or had those tax lawyers do things with the numbers so they are going to continue to pay 'Their fair share' of the tax burden? Yep, they will be paying that same unholy, heavy, backbreaking, pocket emptying amount they always have, ZILTCH! Oh well, they can only continue to tax my Navy retirement, and social security amount 'cause as of now I quit, again,! I am now going to go out and work the system for all it's worth. If you see me sleeping on one of the benches down town, could you stop by and fill my little tin cup with a few coppers so I can pay the tax man? I am anxiously awaiting my 'reparations' check from the Obermiester 'cause I'm pretty sure that there is at least 2.5% of black blood in me somewhere! Oh Hell, wait a minute, you mean 'Black Irish' doesn't count? Damn, I thought I was set for life, however short it may now be.
Well Kiddies, I'll be seeing you in the welfare lines if there are any! TIFN