Love Him or Leave Him, It's Done!!

Well now the real fun begins! Do you think he will have Billy become the new UN ambassador? He could do a lot of "under the table" work up there. He is real good at that. How about Hillary as the US AG? She IS a lawyer right? Impartial and fair minded as King Solomon! Yep thats Hillary. Jesse Jackson would fit right in at the Defense Dept as the Secretary there! He could bullshit all our enemies into "feeling our pain" and backing off on the jihad stuff. Al Sharpton, now he would make the perfect person to run that new government office called, "The Department of Homeland Graft and Disservice"! Billy Ayers, Hmmm what to do with him? I know! they can get Justice Roberts to kill himself like Vince Forster and then make HIM the arbiter of all things concerned with that newest document, the Declaration of Subservience! It was found underneath the other one! Just waiting for the right person to come along and find and implement it!
Katie Couric should become the Treasurer of the US and do it for free! She has been gushing over the omessiah for two years without ever having the thought occur to her that SHE is in the moronic group who her hero is going to gut! Or could it be that ALL THOSE DEMOCRATIC MILLIONAIRES in the congress have already hidden away their money or had those tax lawyers do things with the numbers so they are going to continue to pay 'Their fair share' of the tax burden? Yep, they will be paying that same unholy, heavy, backbreaking, pocket emptying amount they always have, ZILTCH! Oh well, they can only continue to tax my Navy retirement, and social security amount 'cause as of now I quit, again,! I am now going to go out and work the system for all it's worth. If you see me sleeping on one of the benches down town, could you stop by and fill my little tin cup with a few coppers so I can pay the tax man? I am anxiously awaiting my 'reparations' check from the Obermiester 'cause I'm pretty sure that there is at least 2.5% of black blood in me somewhere! Oh Hell, wait a minute, you mean 'Black Irish' doesn't count? Damn, I thought I was set for life, however short it may now be.
Well Kiddies, I'll be seeing you in the welfare lines if there are any! TIFN


Anonymous said...

In the days just before the election, a small business owner wrote that he knows he will have to lay off some employees if Obama's tax increase occurs. So he noted which employees were Obama supporters so that "they could get what they voted for".

Old NFO said...

Ev, I'll be in the park with ya, kicking s**t with the pigeons... sigh...

Sam said...

Rutabagas are a good crop, ya know. Seems to work OK is you have enough horse shit ta fertilize 'em. Why you can live on taters and rutabagas, cabbage and rutabagas, carrots and rutabagas - such a versatile vegetable baked, casserole, boiled, or whatever. Why some even make a pie outta the darn things, who would have thunk it.

Just drive your furrow attachment over the garden and make the kids throw them rocks and plant them seeds and next thing ya know, you'll have to think them out there's so many friggin' rutabagas. -sam

Steve NH 1075 said...

Everett, hang in there, your not alone! Besides, look at the bright side, it'll be fun holding the messiah to his promises, rather then having to defend we can prosecute, BO lovers beware. He's already broken a few, at least that we know about, I'm sure there's more. You have to pinch yourself, a marxist radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black-power anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary marxists, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is becoming President of the United States. When will the press turn on him?? Good lord, push the button!

Sam said...

Some of my fishing buddies down here in Texas are equally bummed about the recent election. They already have 10 "Obama Predictions" which expanded to a list of about 50. None of them are pretty, and some are too crude to print.

What galls me is "Why did the Republicans give away the election?"

You have to admit they did a fine job of it. Aside from the liberal media, a charismatic Senator, and a bit of the "Messiah Effect," the Republican Party sure did a good job of making sure that Obama would win.

That I can't figure out ...

Everett said...

And just WHY is it that Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Obama, and the rest of those crooks and liars are not having their toes held to the fire as regards the Fannie/Freddie scam? How come they get a free ride? Is it possibly because the crooks running the things gave info to their buddies that it was about to fold and they got out of them financial wise? And because they didn't get screwed, they see no reason to prosecute the case! Elect NO INCUMBENT for the next three cycles!!!

Anonymous said...

Bugmon sez:

Hey Ev

How do you feel about the last 8 years of the Bush / Cheney administration , and do you think those people should have their toes held to the fire?

And yes you were right on target when you said ...


...the silent magority whacked the 'Drive- by media' (Rush Limbaerger/ Sean Haniidy/ Mark simone...etc) in the nuts and elected someone with smarts for a change.
I guess they got sick of a pres that got thousands of our kids killed in an unnessesary war and in doing so got us so deep in debt that it will take us generations (your children and grandchildren not mine ) to pay our way out of.
... not to mention his lack of leadership in Katrina and the recent financial catastrophie

Do they deserve punishment as well?

I say lets remove the biggest assholes Bush / Cheney before they finish their term!
Lets set an example that good Americans wont put up with crappy leadership by empeaching them!!

What do you think?

Time to take out the trash!!~!

Steve NH 1075 said...

It's so easy to take a high moral road on hind sight when you have no idea what really happened in the run up to Iraq. However I do believe that there was enough checks and balances in the system and much international compelling evidence and reason to go forward for the sack of this country. Even 60 minutes did a story on how Iraq swindled the world regarding WMD.

A real leader makes these hard decisions, and doesn't look back or take polls for that matter! GWB was willing to stake his political reputation on this along with countless others, putting Country first. I will never believe that took this lightly! I don't think BHO will ever make any hard decisions that he doesn't check the polls first on. Just look at the campaign, how many adjustments in policy were made based on popularity rather then principle? Starting with campaign financing!


Everett said...

Actually I feel pretty good about the last eight years. Job wise and economy wise the country did pretty well under GWB's policies. Until the latter part of '06 when the dems took over both houses of Congress and Nancy P., Reid and the rest of the do nothings took over. Have you in your innate wisdom checked to see just what of any great value the past two years has wrought FOR the people of the US? I doubt it! You would rather sit there and spout off all the hackneyed old bullshit that your party of choice has been screaming about for 60 years! Even while they were in Office. Did you ever come across Charles Barkly's comment about poor people? He wanted to know why the poor people of the US CONTINUE to vote vor the Dems., because after 60 years, THEY ARE ALL STILL POOR! Astute man that Charles.
I'll be glad to wait for two years to see just what you have to say about your Messiah when virtually nothing good comes of his rein.
No I am not HAPPY about all those kids being killed, But at the very least, they ALL stood up and fought for what they believed in! They didn't cower in the bushes and hide like a rat when it came time to actually fight for the rights of the people of this country. They and people like them are the ones that make it so that chicken liver-ed people like you can stand up and scream your invective with out fear of having a goon squad come and kill you for your ideals. They are the ones who preserve your "rights"! It's a damned good thing for you and the other lefty nuts that they are willing and able to do so. Keep your eye on the Russians and the Chinese dude, they are about to put us right back into the cold war
again. Well, maybe not so cold this time.
Even now you STILL have your head up your ass in the dark! GWB DID NOT cause all this mortgage debt bullshit. It goes back to the beginning of LBJ's 'Great Society" and continues right up through Billy C's terms and into the present ones! DOn't you read anything of substance? Every person in the US except YOU now knows that Bush and Company were the only ones who TRIED to fix the Fannie/Freddie fiasco before it reached the melt down phase! AND who was it that thwarted every attempt? Why none other than the Pelosi, Reid, Frank triumvirate backed by the REST OF the Dem controlled Congress! Why is this concept so hard for you to understand?
And would you PLEASE use your spell checker or at least a dictionary? That drives me more crazy than your continual drivel about how dangerous and Stupid GWB is! I'll bet that "stupid" man can spell a lot better than the one on here who calls himself 'Bug Mon'. BTW Nice to see you have crawled out of your 'sheeps' clothing and back into your usual attire Cyber Sniper. TIFN.

Anonymous said...

Bugmon sez:
Welp , thats it I'm out.
I came to this blog this summer because I found a few of the topics interesting , but as of late its just evolved into a political hate-fest.
It's one thing to have an argument with someone that you dissagree with , but quite another to spew insults and call people names when they don't happen to agree with you.
....hell I cant even understand some of the insults .. ' Cyber Sniper' ??

Have fun in your own little world , I'm gone.

Sam said...

Hey Bug-mon!

Ole Everett is going to stay smoking mad for a while now but he does have some cool stories and histories and ways at looking at things.

You know the old expression about talking politics, religion, and money just ain't civilized conversation, and rarely has a good outcome when people get to arguing about it.

If you don't have a sense of humor about it, you're going to get hurt. To me, the recent election was high comedy. I can't control any of this stuff so I let it roll.

And Everett are you OK? Gee, you shouldn't let things bother you so much. It's not good for your health, brother. -sam