If you are looking for something to read for a few minutes, go over to the right side of this page and scroll down till you get to the 'links' part and click on Michael Yon's online magazine. Then read the newest dispatch called "superman". This guy has been there in Iraq for most of two years or more. If you want to know what is really happening over there, read some of his previous dispatches. He tells it like it IS and not just gloss and bullshit like the MSM. They tell us every day how many of our kids are being killed over there and we need to get the hell out of there! Funny but you don't hear very much about the 6000 teen age drivers that get killed here in the US every damned month!! I wonder just what their frame of reference might be for that statistic? Another two 16 year old girls killed in a smashup, ho hum, four die in an IED explosion in Iraq, Holy shit! the Army, Navy, Marines, all the military is destroying our nations youth!!! Katy Couric needs to get a dose of reality shoved down her throat!! TIFN



Been gone for a while as I am spending quite a lot of time in that HOTEL out in front of my house!! The sheet rocking and taping of the joints where the boxes came together is all done and awaiting the paint. The floors on both levels now have their covering installed. It looks like oak flooring but is a composite material that just snaps together like a puzzle. It sits on top of a layer of some sort of foam and this gives the floor a bit of resilience so that it doesn't feel like cement! Door thresholds are all in except for two on main floor. Home made out of 3/4 inch red oak, screwed and plugged and four coated with poly-U.

All the doors and room baseboards are trimmed and waiting paint. No cellar stairs from the inside yet. All the exterior covering is sitting on the stringers! Up stairs bathroom is awaiting it's finish till the rest of house is complete. Bottom floor one is getting it's tile put down as I write this. Electric service entrance and meter receptacle are ready and waiting for the wires from the pole and the meter.

As you can see driving by, the corner boards and trim are in the process of installation as well as the Hardi-board siding. It is going kind of slow, but with all the starts and stops to take care of "other" business interests, it continues apace. That stuff is pretty amazing. It is made out of cement and some sort of fiber that gives it strength and flexibility. It is cut when necessary, from the back side and the cutting tool of choice looks and acts just like a pair of metal cutting "nibbler" shears! It cuts a pretty darn straight line too, as long as your hand is fairly steady! Supposed to last forever but who knows, haven't met anyone who has been around for that long yet, although I'm trying.

All the plumbing materials are in the basement and are crawling around on the floor sorting themselves out and lining themselves up so that all we have to do is to apply a little glue and some strategically placed hangars, and viola! Water! Now I do understand that water and electricity don't mix well, so we are doing our best to keep them separated and in their respective conduits.

Having worked with Bob Rose on a house or two after I had retired from the Navy, and having done some remodeling on my house, I thought I knew about how long it would take to finish the "putting together" of this modular house. NOT SO! It took those house setter guys just six hours to place the thing on the foundation, a few more to screw it together, and then they were gone! From the rate of progress that we are advancing, it will probably be another few weeks before we are done!! Then there is the landscaping to be done and in which I am having NO PART! Shovels and rakes don't fit my hand too good anymore.

Kirk invites anyone interested to stop by for a tour of the hotel if you are so inclined. Been about a hundred so far! TIFN