Outside Views of the Hotel being set in place

The roof is unfolded here and the gable ends being installed. The nummbers didn't wind up on each pic, but you get the idea. Now that Sam got me on the right track, I'll do an inside tour in the next post. Then after a week or so I'm going to take both posts down as they do use up a lot of space!
This was the first box set in place


Sam said...

Wow, neat house and I love the kitchen!

Hope sometime y'all can invite me over for a plate of Bay Boogers 'n' Worms.

Ummm ... that's Block Island cherry stone clams served over pasta, but I thought you might like the way I said it. /Sam

Pinky said...

cherry stone clams served over pasta sounds good, like a plate of gourmet chocolate covered strawberries with a mint leaf on the side.

zsazsa gabor said...

Cherry stone clams sounds like a gourmet dinner served at a really evpensive restaurent.

Sam said...

Oh no, for the mere cost of a clam license and some goofing off around Andy's Way, you too can have perfectly good cherry stone clams. Very fun, and very sweet.

Now I love strawberries and peaches and stuff but on Block Island I really love a scoop of my favorite ice cream covered in those fresh blackberries. For real fancy-schmancy you can get real BI watercress too, like we used to down by the Spring Hotel Pump house. Mint would be cool too.


zsazsa gabor said...

Do you have to pay to get a clamming license?

Sam said...

It used to be like $20 and yes they check ... not sure on the particulars these days and Islanders get a special deal.


Some people get rakes and shovels but we just go to Andy's Way and walk towards the old Coast Guard shack in maybe 3 feet of water.

Now do the Clam Dance Boogie. Stand in one place and move your feet so the sand moves away, kind of like shaking the hips and swiveling to your favorite rock song. When you feel something hard, pick it up - it is either a rock or a clam! That's the clam dance.

Oh, put the small ones back in the clam hole, please.

zsazsa gabor said...

Funny dance

Anonymous said...

Hey Ev

Maybe a good topic would be proposed bicycle helmet ordinance and the general pussification of America?