Inside tour of the hotel

As I obviously haven't figured out how to get the writing on the right photo, at the period at the end of each short blurb, apply it to the preceding photo! There, that ought to confuse the hell out of you! It did to me!!Bowling alley will be up here!! Thats it for this one.
Master bedroom, all are about the same except for size. All have big closets and two windows, so lots of light!.
Downstairs full bath.
Guess where?.
Standing in stove "slot" looking into living room.
Rest of livingroom and front door facing Old Town Road
Looking back at slider and into kitchen.
Standing inside slider looking into part of dining/living room.
This is a view with the siding being installed after the "scup way" was built on.


warbler said...

Ev, it looks really nice. Mod housing has really come along in the last few years, eh?

I looove the double drawer dish washer!

Good for Kirk!

Pinky said...

I like the fridge its shiny.

Zsazsa gabor said...

I bet hiding in the attic at the "hotel" is really fun.It is big house.

Pinky said...


warbler said...

So we're all invited to the housewarming, right?

Pinky said...

I hope so.

zsazsa gabor said...

i would love to eat susi otein the hotel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ev

Maybe a good topic would be proposed bicycle helmet ordinance and the general pussification of America?