Another Momentous Day

This is an update to the first post of the year where I mentioned that Kirk's old house was coming down. Well it was a three week process to demolish the old place and it sure turned out to be a hard job. After all the furniture and good stuff was removed to a storage place the demo began. All the sheet rock, insulation, floor tiles, roof shingles, and all the other toxic stuff was yanked out and put in a 30 yard dump truck and hauled off to the Johnston landfill. Then we just knocked it down with a backhoe and released all of it's stored up energy into the atmosphere so as to do our part in living up to Algore's dire predictions. I fully expect to go to purgatory for doing it, and catching hell here, for so speaking about it!

So then began the process of readying the old hole in the ground for the new house. First step was to add four feet to the width of it and then to get the new sills down and all leveled up. That process was culminated two days ago. So there it sits, waiting patiently for it's new occupant!

And so today, at 4 this afternoon, the first of the four parts of the house rolled off the boat and down to the beach to await it's other companions. They will be coming, one a day, for the next three days. On Monday morning next, the process of piling them up on the foundation begins. By the end of that day, the newest domicile on BI will be up and ready for some siding and trim. All that is to happen as soon as possible in order to make it nice and watertight! Then it's time to move inside and finish off the sheet-rocking, electrical and plumbing hookups and put down the flooring. Finish that and move back in all the good stuff and then it will be time for Kirk and those two sweet little grandchildren of mine to return to the premises, and block from my view,ALL THOSE DAMN CARS GOING UP AND DOWN THE ROAD!!! TIFN


A Little Red Pig

About a week ago one of my kids called me on the cell phone and announced to me that there was a baby red pig in the field down by the new gas building! So off I go to capture the little booger before he gets in the road and run over. All this time I'm wondering how in hell a baby pig managed to get down there without someone, previous owner? missing him/her.

Around the corner I go and there he is, standing stock still in the field with blood just pouring out of him as the ground all around was a bright red! I was amazed that he was still standing up seeing all the redness totally surrounding him! Moving up close, I discovered that this was no ordinary pig. This was a ceramic pig! Probably not going to be much good for barbecuing!

Apparently someone parked this little previously pink colored porker on the grass there and proceeded to empty a spray can of red paint on him. Ergo, all the 'blood' I saw covering him and the ground around him.

So my quest is to find out, "Does anyone want this little hardened piece of pork back at their domicile?" And what I'd really like to know is,"why was he placed there in particular to receive his new skin color"? Was this intended as some sort of voodoo talisman relating to my size as compared to this fellow when he grew up? Geez Chubby, I think some one is after all of we folks of "larger girth"! Come on now someone, 'fess up'. You can leave your answer anonymously, or leave us a nom-de -plume so we can do some detective work. Right now he is sitting on my kitchen table keeping an eye on all the stuff that goes in my garbage can! TIFN