Another Momentous Day

This is an update to the first post of the year where I mentioned that Kirk's old house was coming down. Well it was a three week process to demolish the old place and it sure turned out to be a hard job. After all the furniture and good stuff was removed to a storage place the demo began. All the sheet rock, insulation, floor tiles, roof shingles, and all the other toxic stuff was yanked out and put in a 30 yard dump truck and hauled off to the Johnston landfill. Then we just knocked it down with a backhoe and released all of it's stored up energy into the atmosphere so as to do our part in living up to Algore's dire predictions. I fully expect to go to purgatory for doing it, and catching hell here, for so speaking about it!

So then began the process of readying the old hole in the ground for the new house. First step was to add four feet to the width of it and then to get the new sills down and all leveled up. That process was culminated two days ago. So there it sits, waiting patiently for it's new occupant!

And so today, at 4 this afternoon, the first of the four parts of the house rolled off the boat and down to the beach to await it's other companions. They will be coming, one a day, for the next three days. On Monday morning next, the process of piling them up on the foundation begins. By the end of that day, the newest domicile on BI will be up and ready for some siding and trim. All that is to happen as soon as possible in order to make it nice and watertight! Then it's time to move inside and finish off the sheet-rocking, electrical and plumbing hookups and put down the flooring. Finish that and move back in all the good stuff and then it will be time for Kirk and those two sweet little grandchildren of mine to return to the premises, and block from my view,ALL THOSE DAMN CARS GOING UP AND DOWN THE ROAD!!! TIFN


Sam said...

Hey Ev, sounds like a pretty good house is going up. In a former lifetime I was a sheet-rocker and finished a few houses for free for a few folks once I retired from that profession. Heh, I think Warbler's ex was in that line of work a little.

Anyway, don't know where you are today with the structure but I am a big believer in big bolts to secure the foundation, and hurricane ties for the roof. Oh yeah, an impact screw-gun is my friend there, and then when hanging (please, we do not "lay" it) sheetrock I only use nails to tack it down, since screws are so much better. I use a a smaller Hitachi or Makita screw gun for that.

Now don't let them boys and girls use a sophisticated equipment for taping & floating. They got names like a banjo and bazooka and "boxing". Only hand-taping and finishing is any good. I used to be able to hang 80-100 sheets of drywall a day or tape 15-20 rolls of 100-foot tape all by hand - not bragging, but some folks are sheetrock whimps. No way I could do that today.

I still have dreams and nighmares about the business. But on the final day we'd take some huge lights and shine them up and down the walls and ceilings to see if there were any bad blemishes - since it all looked a good white color. That's the important part, especially is the areas that aren't covered by panelling, cabinets, tile, wallpaper, and all that.

So then we'd sand it down and that made white snow everywhere, I mean everywhere. We always went with a "slick" finish with no texture other than the painter's roller, so it had to be perfectly smooth as a baby's butt. Wish I was there. /sammie

Anonymous said...

It's a modular home so the interior is already done , the only taping is at the seams where the sections go together. As for the warbler's ex I wouldn't hire him to hang a picture, or his f..ked up old man

Anonagain said...

Dear Anonymous,

Warbler's ex (this is the first I have heard of the "ex" and I'm sorry to hear it.) did a beautiful job for me. I would hire him anytime.

Also sorry to see you are still miserable.

Warbler said...

Actually, Warbler's ex isn't an ex at all but living in the mid-west with Warbler and their son. Warbler's ex has made many sacrifices and worked very hard to keep from becoming Warbler's ex.

Warbler, on the other hand, wishes that small-minded, bitter people with too much time on their hands publicly decry their own shortcomings first before finding fault with others. But Warbler understands this will only happen in a perfect world and that she has now made herself yet another target in the defense of her loved ones.

Sam said...

Hey Warbler sorry about my "ex" comment then ... last I heard there was rough waters ... sorry to invade your space and please accept my apologies.

Let's not worry about a few grumpy old farts, OK? /sammie

Everett said...

Bet your ass if Matt was still here I would have glommed onto him on day one to do the finishing up on this new abode. I have seen, many times the work he does and it is immaculate! Looks like he was taking lessons from Sam!
For all hands interested. the house is up! It took only 6hours for the crane guys to set the four boxes, and the install guys have almost everything else done. Quite a process to watch some professionals do their job, quickly and most efficiently. Come on over an look! Kirk will be glad to give tours of the Taj Mahal!
BTW Warbler, it is Fair Phyllis, and Chuchacha Manzinnillia (sp) for the spring concert this year!!!

warbler said...

Aw, Ev, Phair Phyllith I Thaw. I mith - I mean, miss that one! And Chuchacha Manzanilla. Ride 'em BIEC.

Deirdre said...

You know... speaking of new houses, this living on the border of Silicon Valley, with all of its code-writing geeks does have some benefits.

I can send you the link to some incredible (free) software that will tell you the who, what and when of the anonymous posters who seek to terrorize your comments.
Unfortunately, although it will give you the who what and when, sadly, the "why" will remain a secret within the bitter mind of the author.

Everett said...

Thanks for the thought! I just MIGHT take you up on that, but for now I'm just going to let them, cyber sniper et al think about the possibility that I CAN find out who they are! Maybe they will think twice about some of the vitriol they like to spout so easily thinking they are shooting from a dark and secret place! Thanks D.

happy news said...

Kirk and the kids sure deserve a new house. So happy that it arrived safe and sound.

Sam said...

Wow, I've heard abour pre-mades but it sounds like except for some joint sections, you could move right in, way cool. Yay Kirk!

Hey Deirdre thanks for reminding me to reboot my router and modem so I can continue to fake everyone out. My only issue with having a router is that other folks are "camping out" on my wireless signal. No idea how they can bust through all that encryption, but they sometimes do. Ack, you?

The shads doing their thing yet folks? /sammie